Design & create your own unique promotional sweets, branded chocolates, promotional snacks to suit your campaign. Match the sweets to your brand colours and go for the vegan option.

From Promotional sweets, Branded chocolates, Promotional Snacks, Mint tins, Vegan Sweets, Promotional drinks whatever your creative vision we have a wide range of products to suit all budgets and time frames.

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Here are our Top 5 reasons why you need to get your marketing teeth into branded sweets, chocolate and snacks

  1. “Feel good factor of your brand’ Yes it’s a consumable product but the emotion it evokes will last forever in your customer’s hearts and minds. Plus they taste so good.
  2. Gain popularity in your team – Get noticed by your marketing director by rustling up some branded sweet samples in your next marketing strategy meeting. Ask us about your free branded samples if you really want to cause a stir
  3. Learn from Japan – The Japanese tradition of omiyage which means ‘travel gifts’ always involves something sweet – it’s unique, generous, and a way to show you care and appreciate your colleagues. We think this is a beautiful tradition connecting people to the individual and brand.
  4. Generosity Marketing – Giving to your audience should be the centre of your marketing strategy so why not give them something sweet as a thank you for their enquiry or a sweet welcome back sent as a direct mail. Interact with branded sweets and you won’t need to annoy and pitch to your customers ever again.
  5. Embrace Diversity – By choosing Vegan, Halal, Kosher, or Vegetarian promotional sweets it shows you truly are a thoughtful brand paying attention and respecting your customer’s beliefs. As we all know world-class brands connect and communicate with their audience on a person to person level.

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