Giveaway delicious treats such as unique promotional sweets, branded chocolates, and promotional snacks.

From promotional sweets to branded chocolates, promotional snacks, mint tins, vegan Sweets, promotional drinks, or whatever your creative vision is. We have a wide range of products to suit all different types of budgets and time frames. You can now mix and match sweets to your brand colours and you can even go for the vegan or gluten-free options to make them more suitable for everyone to enjoy. Everyone loves a snack, especially when it’s been gifted to you. Our most successful events always seem to be made better, with the experience of food! Whether it’s a branded pack of biscuits for your cup of tea break in the afternoons, or whether it’s a pack of gummy sweets to keep you going throughout the day at a big event. At Extravaganza we offer a range of different types of branded confectionery, including budget items and high-quality luxury items. All our confectionery range can be printed with your logo or designs.

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What does confectionery stand for?

The term confectionery refers to chocolates and sweets. In the promotional industry, the term promotional confectionery refers to chocolates and sweets that have been personalised with a specific imprint for a company or organisation. The imprint can include anything from a logo,  website, and other contact details or a marketing slogan.


When should I brand confectionery?

Custom printed sweets are perfect for trade shows, product launches, universities, corporate dinners, or conferences. Branded confectionery is great for giveaways and can be used at many types of private and corporate events. Even brand multiple items and then pack them all into a box to create a great giveaway package of sweets, bundled with other fun promotional items. Branded confectionery could even be used if you’re planning to throw a large event, party, or even perhaps a wedding. By adding extra personalised touches to your event by using our selection of Custom Sweets. Personalized Sweets are sure to leave a lasting memory within your guests and what’s more, Logo Sweets mean that you can constantly improve on your brand’s awareness and exposure.


Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to get your marketing teeth in branded sweets, chocolate, and snacks.

Feel good factor of your brand.

Yes, it’s a consumable product but the emotion it evokes will last forever in your customer’s hearts and minds. Plus they taste so good.

Gain popularity in your team.

Get noticed by your marketing director by rustling up some branded sweet samples in your next marketing strategy meeting. Ask us about your free branded samples if you really want to cause a stir.

Learn from Japan.

The Japanese tradition of omiyage which means ‘travel gifts’ always involves something sweet – it’s unique, generous, and a way to show you care and appreciate your colleagues. We think this is a beautiful tradition connecting people to the individual and brand.

Generosity marketing.

Giving to your audience should be the center of your marketing strategy so why not give them something sweet as a thank you for their inquiry or a sweet welcome back sent as a direct mail. Interact with branded sweets and you won’t need to annoy and pitch to your customers ever again.

Embrace diversity.

By choosing Vegan, Halal, Kosher, or Vegetarian promotional sweets it shows you truly are a thoughtful brand paying attention and respecting your customer’s beliefs. As we all know world-class brands connect and communicate with their audience on a person-to-person level.


There are many benefits to branding confectionery:

Hard to resist.

Recipients will always enjoy a sweet freebie because they make people happy especially when you can eat it!

Great value for money.

Confectionery items are very cheap to bulk buy, meaning they’re perfect for companies that are on a tight budget.

Ideal for trade shows and exhibitions.

Unusual sweets and chocolate grab the attention of people walking past the booth. They are also so easy to hand out when you’re at events and people won’t say no to free sweets (because they are too nice to resist)

Suit any business type.

Not every business can hand out a notebook but handing out confectionery that everyone likes is an option everyone will want.

Suitable options.

Sometimes food can be tricky to get which people who have allergies, there are also gluten-free sweets, vegan sweets, and also healthier options too.

Long shelf life.

The great thing about confectionery is that it can last years so if you order too many they can be left in a dry place and be used at other events and exhibitions.


Contact us.

If you can’t find what you need for your promotion or event. The Extravaganza Team is an expert in creating and sourcing new branded confectionery ideas. This is so the team can consistently deliver quality bespoke confectionery for your exact needs. Get those creative marketing juices flowing by contacting us by email at or calling us on 0116 285 2417 to get chatting with someone from the team.