Enjoy delicious, branded biscuits printed with your company logo for your next fantastic promotional gift or campaign.

Everybody enjoys a delicious, printed biscuit, and even better when it’s printed with your company logo! You can brand your company and branding in a fun and creative way, that your customers or employees will LOVE. There is a wide range of biscuits on our website to suit any customer needs, including shortbread biscuits, ginger biscuits, chocolate cookies, oat biscuits, custard creams, and literally any other biscuit you can probably think of. The Extravaganza team can source any type of biscuit… literally! Bespoke biscuits can also be made to a range of different sizes to suit any special event, and also fit any type of logo in any shape, onto the biscuits. There is also the opportunity to get creative with the packaging of your biscuits in a range of different ways including branded tubes, tins, gift boxes, bags, and clear wrappers. Once the word gets around that your brand is giving away delicious treats everyone will be excited to try them. You could even team your branded biscuits with a branded tea or coffee sachet for the ultimate refreshment combo! This is a fantastic way to get potential customers rushing to you at break time. Any idea that you have in mind, you can talk to the team, and they will be more than happy to source the items for you or help you find the perfect ‘biccy’ for your next promotional campaign. Promotional biscuits can also be delivered directly to your customers, or we can send them to you, so you can give them to your consumer exactly how you want to.

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Why choose branded biscuits?

You can’t go wrong with edible giveaways. Who doesn’t? And that’s exactly why you should print branded biscuits for your next giveaway. There are loads of ideas of how you can use promotional biscuits. By branding biscuits for your next event, they are bound to be a hit!


Extra treats for your branded promotional goody bags and kits.

Branded biscuits are fantastic for direct mail campaigns. Whether it’s a work from a home kit or just a little gift to say thanks to your clients, branded biscuits go down a treat and they’re the perfect size to drop through your letterbox!


Gift for a virtual event.

Promotional biscuits are the perfect treat for that virtual coffee break or during an important staff or client meeting, biscuits are a great way to cheer anyway up and get them in the mood to have a great chat via zoom or teams, they are even great or just a chat just to have with your afternoon tea.


Refreshment for a trade show.

Get the refreshments sorted for your next event. You could really spice up the refreshments on offer for your next trade show with some branded biscuits. Giving away biscuits or any other branded treat on your stand is a great way to attract people to your business and strike up a conversation.


Get eco with your packaging.

As a business, we try to bring you ideas that feature eco-friendly packaging so that you can promote your business using products that show that you support sustainability and helping to make a difference in saving the planet. The best thing about our eco-branded packaging doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment either.


Types of biscuits that you could potentially brand.

  • Shortbread biscuits
  • Maryland cookies
  • Borders biscuits
  • Custard creams biscuits
  • Chocolate digestive biscuits
  • Rich tea biscuits
  • Wafers biscuits
  • Nice biscuits
  • Gingernut biscuits
  • Shaped biscuits (like gingerbread man)
  • Oatie flip biscuits
  • Clotted cream shortbread
  • Chocolate chip cookie
  • Honey & oat biscuits


How many biscuits can be printed?

The minimum order for printing biscuits is around 50 units but this largely depends on the product, and you can of course brand thousands too. Our team will always ensure we deliver your items on time and deliver quality products no matter how many you think of buying!


Is the quality of the print good on biscuits?

When printing biscuits, it can be very difficult to print onto icing as it can change in temperatures and transporting, we can’t guarantee to match exactly, but as a team, we always ensure your logo and branding looks fantastic.


Contact us.

If you are interested in branding your own biscuits, and designing your own snacks and treats for your next business idea then get in touch with the Extravaganza team by emailing us at sales@extravaganza.uk.com or calling us on 01162852417.