Create personalised tasty treats and delicious printed chocolates for your next promotional merchandise campaign.

Explore our fantastic promotional wholesale UK printed chocolates, including some of the most popular chocolates such as quality streets, M&Ms, Neapolitan chocolates, chocolate footballs, and loads more delicious options! Our promise to you is that whatever chocolate you plan on branding, we can promise that it will always be a top-quality product. Our job is to help you personalise those different types of chocolates by personalising the packaging, there are loads of different packaging options for your chocolates including sealed flow bags, wrappers, stickers, and paper tags. These are all used to package your branded chocolates and create an amazing experience for your customers and cheer them up with some wonderful snacks and rewards. Promotional chocolates are the go-to gift for anyone, and from our orders, we can say that printed chocolate is one of the most popular gifts to give to anyone especially when you are unsure of what gift you’re giving away. It is a highlight for any special occasion and the ideal choice for any food lover, as it’s a nice surprise to receive. Even if chocolate isn’t your thing, we have a variety of different snacks and treats to brand, including sweets, biscuits, healthy snacks, and luxury hampers. There are loads of options to help you get creative with your promotional chocolate gifts, for your next corporate event and you can always get in touch with the Extravaganza team if you are stuck for ideas.

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Why choose branded promotional chocolate?

Stimulate the brain.

It’s a well-known fact that dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, these are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.

Emotional factors.

When eating chocolate, it can contain emotional factors. As a child we are often given chocolates as a reward or for doing something good, so you can potentially buy your promotional chocolate to give to clients so that they feel rewarded.

Enhance the company image.

The best way to enhance your company image is by offering chocolate. Customers feel extra special when given something such as a treat or a snack, and you can’t really go wrong with chocolate. It shows your appreciation for their loyalty to your business. There are even vegan and vegetarian options of chocolate that we can source for you if you want something that is more suitable to everybody’s needs.


What types of campaigns can you use chocolate for?

Scrummy gifts.

The best gift is always going to be some sort of food item, everybody thoroughly enjoys something yummy to keep them going. Chocolate is something you’d probably give one of your friends or family if you forgot a birthday, and needed a quick idea. You will always find that they eat it too, so you can’t go wrong with it!

Edible business cards.

How many times have you received a business card, tucked it inside your wallet or pocket, and then forgotten about it or chucked it away? Let’s face it unless it’s a spectacular mind-blowing design, it may not be memorable. However, what if YOUR business card was made out of chocolate, now that would be awesome! You can remember it, and eat it. There is no better combo than that, surely!

Conversation starters.

If you are visiting a trade show and are trying to get others to visit your stand then there is no better way to start that conversation, than with printed chocolate. It is also another reason for someone to come to your stand and will probably want to get to know more about your business.


What types of chocolate do we offer?

  • Chocolate beanies
  • Easter eggs
  • Celebrations
  • Chocolate coated honeycomb
  • Chocolate coins
  • Chocolate discs
  • Chocolate footballs
  • Chocolate medallion
  • Chocolate pearls
  • Chocolate truffles
  • Cocoa bean truffles
  • Dark chocolate salted caramels
  • Dark salted caramels
  • Dark vegan bar
  • Dark vegan chocolate discs
  • Foiled chocolate eggs
  • Gold chocolate bar
  • Gold hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate spoon
  • Lindor chocolate balls
  • Mallow mountain
  • Nutella
  • Quality streets
  • Speckled egg


Contact us.

Get a chocolate fix into your next promotional campaign and speak to our team of confectionary experts about your branding and requirements. If you’re not sure what you’d like for your next campaign – dark or milk chocolate, Belgian chocolate or truffles, custom shaped or classic bar –  we’ll make sure our team advises you on the best options and help find your perfect chocolatey match. Just get in touch by email at or call us on 0116 285 2417.