Promotional Pet Merchandise, Printed Dog Bowls, Customisable Collars, Leads, Toys, and Pet Treats all Printed with your Branding or Logos.

Promotional pet accessories are becoming increasingly popular and we’ve got a wide variety of ideas to suit your next marketing campaign. We have pet products such as dog leads, poo bags, pet toys, food bowls, and more. We can even source products so if you have something in mind, we’d be more than happy to help source the pet products for you. There are so many benefits to bringing your loved pets to work and we can make sure that your loved pets also feel apart of the team too! Personalised pet accessories and pet merchandise are really innovative ways to get your brand or message delivered to others. Most of your recipients will have some sort of ‘’special relationship’ with their furry friends or pets. The Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) estimated that in 2015, a staggering  46% of UK households are pet owners! So there is no better way to get thinking outside the box and finding a promotional gift that most pet owners will absolutely love! At Extravaganza we have a wide range of products for you to choose from which can be printed and personalised, and our team can help you with your options by just speaking to someone from the team.


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Pet Shops, Feed Manufacturers, Boarding Kennels, and Clubs.

These types of industries can all raise awareness of animals, alongside the services they offer. They could also promote awareness of pet charities by giving out special branded pet promotions. Another idea would be to do a fun and innovative giveaway, similar to a pet hamper or pet gift set but your clients have to share your page to enter. This could be a good incentive to get others to follow your brand and become more engaged with your brand.

Local Councils.

They can encourage responsible pet ownership by providing custom printed dog waste bags with their details for dog walkers, to keep parks and open spaces clean and healthier for all.


The best way to impress any type of customer is by showing your love for animals and pets by personalising essential items such as feeding bowls, leads & toys with their company logo or message and give them away as free gifts. It’s a simple way to encourage brand loyalty and sustain a relationship with your clients.

Animal Charities.

They could offer logo-branded collars, leads, and toys for their gift shops, open days, sponsored walks, or charity events, and they are a good way of increasing revenue.




They reduce our stress levels!

It’s no secret that office life can cause a great deal of stress. But dogs are here to help us cope. Some studies show that owning a dog — or, at least surrounding yourself with a dog or animal can boost your serotonin and dopamine levels, which help to calm the mind in stressful situations.

They inspire us to exercise more frequently.

On average pet owners get more exercise which helps reduce stress and depression. Exercise helps clear the mind and forget about anything that is troubling you.

They make us feel less lonely.

Loneliness is a common reason for stress for most humans. Our pets give us that long-term bond (even if they can’t speak) they reassure us and keep us occupied. Pets are also known to help with loneliness because they give us the confidence to talk to other people which again reduces the owner’s stress levels.

They help us live in the moment.

Stress is all about ignoring the past and worrying about the future. Something as simple as a game of fetch with your pup can make you live in the current moment.

Dogs can help ease anxious feelings.

In a similar light, dogs can help manage anxious feelings in stressful situations. If you’re having a chaotic day, take a five-minute break to enjoy your dog’s company. Petting your dog can help you forget about the stress for a moment and, as a result, ease anxieties.

Dogs help to keep you active.

In addition to taking a break from work, being active during the workday is also vital for mental health. On top of that, studies show that sitting all day can be bad for your physical health. Dogs can be a great reminder to get up and move your body. Taking your dog for a walk on your lunch break can help give you a mental break, boost endorphins — aka, the happy hormone — and watch your productivity levels go through the roof.

Dogs force you to take breaks.

Just because your dog is at work, doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about their routine. Bringing your dog to work helps you become more mindful of your break schedule. If your someone who has a hard time pulling themselves away from work, having your dog with you can help remind you to take a breather, drink some water, and get some fresh air — aka, let the dog out.

Dogs help you make friends!

If you’re having a hard time bonding with co-workers, take your dog to work day could help. Dogs make for a great icebreaker and can help you create genuine relationships with your co-workers. Like dogs, humans seek companionship, so having someone you can rely on at work can leave a lasting effect on your mental health. On top of that, work is more enjoyable when you like the people you work with.

Taking your dog to work can also benefit your dog’s mental health too.

You’re not the only one who can benefit from bringing your dog to the office — your dog can too. Bringing them on your commute and allowing them to have social interactions in the office can help them better develop confidence in public settings. Social interactions are a great mental exercise for dogs and are just as important (if not, more) as physical activities.



If you’re interested in branding your own pet promotions and pet accessories then you can contact the team at, we have a huge range of fun pet products that will look amazing when branded. The team will be happy to send samples, costs, visuals and get really involved with creating the best pet campaign or pet promotion for you, our team loves getting fun and creative.