Brand your own promotional toys and games, personalised with your logos and company branding for a fun and exciting giveaway item!

Here at Extravaganza, you’ll find a variety of printed promotional toys and games for you to choose from for your fun promotional campaign. This includes gaming merchandise ideas such as toys for adults and children, which can all be printed with your company logo and marketing messages. You’ll find a variety of items including puzzles, card games, fidget toys, teddy bears and stress balls to make sure your consumer can stay entertained and excited about your company and branding all the time! Promotional gaming merchandise works great for many industry types including charities, travel companies, trade shows, conferences, educational and healthcare industries and loads more! The best thing about toy and gaming merchandise is that they can be used over and over again, and come in various colours which and engaging and fun and can bring a campaign to life. If you are interested in discussing some gaming merchandise ideas with the team you can email them at or give the team a call on 0116 285 2417 and they’ll be more than happy to help. Don’t hesitate to request free visuals and samples too, the team love getting involved!

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How to create the perfect marketing promotion with game merchandise:


Using promotional puzzles can be a very innovative and effective way to achieve some of your marketing objectives. They have big print areas so that you can showcase your important marketing messages and they will give increased visibility for your company brand. They are a great promotional item to give to kids to keep them entertained. It’s important to also note that you need to ensure it’s not too difficult but not too easy to complete as you want your puzzle to be used and possibly passed on to others who may enjoy solving it themselves, which will also give your brand more visibility! 

Card games.

Printing your own playing cards is a great way to increase your business. People still enjoy and love playing card games and can make excelling gifts for customers, staff and prospects. They aren’t something that you are usually gifted, and they will appreciate the thought of a free giveaway. They are a cheap promotional item and they last a very long time, as opposed to things like ink pens and books of matches. For an effective promotion, you may wish to print limited and special editions. This will attract collectors and a lot of attention too! Businesses such as pubs, nightclubs, education, and other social businesses could really adopt this opportunity. 

Fidget toys.

Fidget toys are the perfect de-stress promotion and are great for mental health campaigns or for the education sector. Fidget toys are known to improve learning too because they allow the brain to filter out extra sensory information, helping the child actively listen, pay attention and focus on the task. Fidgets help improve attention through toy manipulation, allowing the child to concentrate on tasks in the classroom or online and can be a great promotional item to give to anyone.

Stress balls.

Another great way to de-stress is using printed stress balls. These can be used for many industries including offices, healthcare businesses, educational sectors and more. Stress balls are known to help with additional stress and relieve tension. They are known to also promote focus, attention and grounding. These promotions are a great idea for anyone who may struggle with relaxing and concentrating. 

Teddy bears.

Create feel-good emotions for your customers, staff and prospects with a unique soft and cuddly toy. The bonus of teddy bears is that if you brand your company logos and branding onto them, people remember your brand and it creates a long-lasting impression every time they look at the stuffed toy. Teddy bears work great for many businesses including colleges, nurseries, care homes, healthcare organisations and more. It’s also very well known for car companies to give a printed teddy bear as a gift when receiving a new car and the teddy is normally dressed in the same branding or workwear as the car company which is a really cute and caring touch when buying something that will last you a very long time. Its a nice reminder of the brand you bought it from too, in hope that you go back to them for a new car in years to come.


Logo printing.

Our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you or answer any enquiries you may have about branding your toys and games. We can help with choosing the right product, making sure it has just the right combination of print area, colour, quality and functionality – and always at the right price. All of our products are sourced for their suitability for branding with your logos and designs. Choose from one colour print to full colour, full coverage print for the ultimate wow factor. The majority of our prices include decoration as standard too.


Contact us.

If you’re interested in toys and gaming merchandise you can contact the team at or call on 0116 285 2417. Extravaganza is here to offer a fun variety of toy and gaming ideas for your next merchandise campaign. The team will be happy to send you samples, costs, and free visuals so don’t hesitate to get in touch to get discussing your ideas now.