Create your own printed stress balls, stress toys, custom-shaped stress balls, branded with your logo.

At Extravaganza we have a great range of cheap promotional printed stress balls and stress toys that can be branded with your logo. Printed de-stress merchandise is perfect if you are ordering promotional products on a budget. You will find cheap and cheerful promotions of all sizes and shapes all of which can be custom printed, you can even discuss your ideas with us if you’re looking for something more bespoke. Custom stress balls and stress toys make fantastic corporate giveaways for any marketing campaigns and offer impacted brand exposure at fantastic low prices. It’s about time your customers have the chance to relieve some stress from time to time, and these squeezy balls of joy can help with a lot of other things too such as better concentration, reducing anxiety, and keeping their fingers on the move! A stress toy can also be used as a tool for meditation, making them ideal business gifts for marketing campaigns related to health, well-being, and relaxation such as spas, clinics, healthcare companies, and more.

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Weird facts about stress items.

  • Stress are objects that can easily fit into the palm of your hand and are used to relieve stress by squeezing.
  • Stress items are also known as stress relievers and are commonly found in offices and homes.
  • Traditionally stress balls are intended to be rotated in one’s palm and are said to stimulate a person’s acupressure points on the hand.
  • Stress balls are among the most common promotional objects, often featuring company logos as a marketing strategy, and they are frequently given as gifts.
  • They can be used as a great throwing item or toy idea that has other benefits to it as well.


Get creative with your branded stress balls.

Create brand exposure for your brand with funky stress balls with awesome taglines for your clients. The bonus of branding stress balls is that we have loads of colours available, and there is also a wide range of custom shapes and bespoke options available for you to choose from. We also have loads of printing options for you to choose from, so that your stress balls can look totally amazing! We have printing including 1 colour print, 2 colour print, 3 colour print, 4 colour print, 5 colour print, Full-Colour Transfer and Laser Engraving. There are so many opportunities to go wild with branding, to create unique branded giveaways for your clients, a promotional stress toy can be produced however you want! Whatever you want, we can make branded squeezy stress balls unique to your business that is certain to stand out from the crowd.

We have stress footballs, tennis balls, or even stress weight lifters! We have stress bricks and stress hard hats for the building and trade industry, stress cars and lorries for the automotive and transport industry, and even stress hearts and stress apples for healthcare or nutrition-themed campaigns. Whatever your business type or your clientele, we’re certain to have a shape to suit your marketing needs. We also have a range of generic stress shapes that can be adapted to suit any company, meaning you can create your very own industry stress toy. Our stress cubes, stress cloud or stress light bulbs are ideal for promoting any bright idea or business name. Our Stress Smiley Man and Stress Rocking Eggs, meanwhile, are something a little different, certain to draw attention to your campaign with every use.


What materials are used?

Most of our squeezy friends are made from squashy PU foam to relieve tension and stress when clenched. We have a wide range of stress toys available, from our best-selling promotional stress balls and stress cubes to stress cars and stress footballs, or even stress keyrings and fidget spinners. Whatever you require for your next marketing campaign, one thing is for sure: we’re certain to have the perfect stress toy that can advertise your brand and help others de-stress.

Improve customer well-being.

It’s well known that the office can be a stressful place to be, with deadlines to meet and meetings to go to and overloads of work to do, we find that stress is a big thing in an office. That’s why stress balls make such a great addition to the office or workspace. Stress balls not only help with stress or concentration, but they also have many health benefits. Doctors and nurses turn to squishy toys to improve blood pressure, arthritis symptoms, and anxiety levels. These multi-functioning promotional products can also be used to promote mental well-being around the workplace in any company, too.


Contact us.

If you’re interested in branding stress balls for your next promotion then get in touch at or you can call us on 0116 285 2417, we are experts in branding stress balls and the team are more than happy to discuss anything you would like to ask or enquire about.