Create your own printed promotional umbrellas, branded golf umbrellas, and bespoke golf umbrellas, pantone matched and delivered direct.

Rain or shine our printed umbrellas are one of the most popular promotional products you could choose to give to your loyal customers. They are useful, have massive branding opportunities, and have a long life cycle. Printed Umbrellas can be custom-made exactly to your brand specifications from printed panels (both outer and inner canopies) full colour images, colour-matched handles, straps, and doming options. With any product, the small details are what elevate a product from a promotional item to a luxury item. Send us your artwork and we will simplify the decision-making process for you and the team by sending back samples. visuals and easy pricing. This year we have noticed a big trend for recycled and eco-friendly promotional umbrellas, the canopies are made from recycled PET bottles. Used PET bottles are processed into polyester yarn which is used to weave the umbrella fabric.

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History of umbrellas.

The first types of Umbrellas were possibly invented over 4000 years ago in Western Asia to protect people against the sun. Ancient Egyptians also constructed shades from feathers, palm leaves and stretched papyrus, which was attached to chariots or held over the heads of religious leaders and royalty by servants. These parasols were elaborate and a clear sign of nobility and wealth. In Ancient Greece the royalty even had female slaves carry parasols to protect them from the sizzling sun. These days we are accustomed to holding our own promotional golf umbrellas or having a mini umbrella tucked away in the bottom of our handbags. The first silk and waterproof umbrellas were used by nobility and royalty in 11th BC China. As a sign of power influential people carried multi-tiered umbrellas, with Chinese Emperor himself being protected with four tiers of very elaborate parasol.


Get creative with your umbrella branding.

Typically we print a logo or brand design on 4 of the 8 custom umbrellas panels. This tends to be at the bottom edge of the umbrella.  If your artwork is out of this world magnificent we can also print it as a full colour digital print (dye sublimation process) all over the outer and inner canopy. We can even print a single image all over the canopy. As well as a creative mix and match of alternative designs on each individual panel of the umbrella, to create an umbrella that will stand out from the crowd! If you are ready to talk about your branded brolly ideas then send over an e-mail to the team at Our team will be happy to discuss different options, and photographs of recent umbrella orders we have completed. Whatever your occasion or marketing budget we can supply the perfect printed umbrella for you and your customers. Our factory is the largest UK manufacturer with the following specs and combinations available for you.


Different types of umbrellas.

  • Promotional Walking Size Umbrellas
  • Promotional Golf Umbrellas
  • Promotional Telescopic Umbrellas
  • Promotional Childrens’ Umbrellas
  • Printed Parasols 
  • Printed Gazebos
  • Promotional Fare Umbrellas


Contact us.

The process of designing your company brolly is exciting and we are here to help to keep the whole process fun and creative. Please call us on  0116 285 2417 or e-mail us at to discuss your promotional umbrella campaigns with someone from the team.