Show your recipients that you care with promotional beauty gifts, printed with your branding or logo.

Show your customers and employees that you care with personalised beauty gifts for your next marketing campaign. Whether you’re a cosmetic company or a law firm, everyone should practice self-care and promote health and well-being in the workplace. It’s essential that your staff feel refreshed and ready to work on a Monday morning, to guarantee ultimate productivity and positivity throughout the course of the week. If you are planning a work trip, or you are looking for promotional branded self-care goodie bags for all the team then you have come to the right place. From eco toiletry bags to printed vegan beauty products, there is a huge range of effective promotional merchandise that can be branded with your logo in so many creative ways to stand out with your staff and clients. Gifting your staff and customers with branded beauty merchandise will give them an incentive to take time for themselves at the weekends and promote self-care. You could create a hamper full of this branded beauty merchandise and organise a raffle or giveaway. After all who doesn’t love self-care products? Branded beauty gifts cater for both men and women with lots of options to choose from to suit everyone. Promotional beauty gifts for a cosmetic company would be a great campaign if you are introducing new starters to the industry. A beauty hamper with all branded merchandise would make a great first-day gift to a new employee from the company. This could include branded bath salts, printed bath bombs, branded bubble bath and promotional lip balms.

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What can having branded beauty merchandise do for your brand?


Being given a branded beauty goodie bag would give employees an incentive to take time for themselves out of work and look after their personal well-being. It’s human nature that when we focus too hard on other aspects of our lives, we start to neglect our own well-being first. So it’s important to remind your staff to take care of themselves to prevent them from having time off work for stress-related issues.

Wellness and care.

Gifting your Employees anything let alone Merchandise that they can use for their benefit, will show them that as an employer, you care about them and their wellbeing. It’s important to show that you care about your employees, no matter how many of them there are because this will make them want to come to work and make them feel valued as team members.


Giving your staff branded beauty merchandise and other gifts shows that you know how to take care of your team. This will install your employee’s trust in you and feel like they can come to you with any questions or issues that need resolving. If an employer never shows interest in an employee’s well-being, mental health or life outside of work, then this can leave employees feeling deflated, unvalued and underappreciated.


Branding ideas for promotional beauty merchandise.

Here are some great ways to brand different promotional beauty products, from image-printed sleep masks to full-colour sticker branding there is a huge selection to choose from. The highest quality branding is engraving and image prints whereas sticker branding is slightly less in cost but also less in quality. Sustainable products such as bamboo and cork are great material options, one because they are long lasting and high quality and two because branding lasts longer on these products compared to plastic and PVC.


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