Unwind and de-stress with branded personal care products that are perfect for gifts and giveaways.

Looking for printed promotional personal care products that are quality and completely sustainable? Here at Extravaganza, we can provide you with unique and innovative promotional items which can be used for health and wellbeing campaigns. We have a wide range of products including promotional miniature heating pads, make-up pads, toothbrushes, lip balms and more. We also have a selection of thermometers, sunscreen, and first aid kits that are ideal for your customers to take on holiday or on their travels. There are so many products that you can provide for your recipients whether it’s for a work trip, mental health campaign, or even gifting something for the well-being of your staff and employees. If you are planning to gift your hard-working employees some wellness products, it will definitely go a long way in terms of brownie points as it proves to them how much you value them.

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Why should you choose personal health care merchandise?

There are so many fun ways you can brand health and personal care merchandise. We can brand any type of product that you choose in various colours and print styles s to suit and reflect your brand appropriately. There are various printing options such as laser etching, screen printing, debossing and many other forms of printing. It’s so important to show your clients and employees that you care,Ā  so gifting them branded self-care items will really show that you love and care about them. It will also create a memorable experience for the user who receives the item and they’ll be more aware of your brand and what you can provide for them.


Benefits of buying personal care merchandise.

Personal care merchandise is often more affordable compared to tech merchandise and can provide more valued products because of its use (to look after and pamper someone) this will boost your employee’s mood if given as a gift and will create a huge impact with your branding on the item too. If you have an upcoming well-being campaign and want a way to celebrate the campaign in the office or with your customers, you could give them a wellness celebration bag for the new campaign launch! Goodie bags are a great way to form loyal relationships with your clients as they feel like they are being given multiple gifts at the same time whereas you are actually distributing the cost of one gift across five little gifts. Personal care gifts are suitable for everyone and can be tailored to individuals. There are also many possible forms of merch bundles that can be offered such as gift bags, swag boxes, eco kits and goodie bags.


The perfect product ideas for your health and personal care promotional gift.

Bamboo toothbrush.

Toothbrushes are a great gift because they are something which everyone will use. They are normally used twice a day meaning if you were to brand the toothbrush, you can confidently know that your brand is being seen twice a day by your recipient and it’s a great way to stay in the front of the mind of your recipient too.

Lavender gift set.

The lavender gift sets are a perfect way to keep your recipients relaxed and calm. They’re a great way to improve the health and well-being of your recipients because a study shows that lavender can be used to improve sleep quality, depression and also stress levels in adults. It’s a great way to improve anxiety so it’s a perfect way to show that you care.

Foaming hand sanitiser.

Hygiene is a huge part of staying clean and protected. Hand sanitisers are a great way to keep clean on the go, and are great to take with you on your travels. Hand sanitisers are a great giveaway item which you know people are going to use.


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