Create your own printed promotional luggage tags to make sure your brand travels in style wherever you go.

Ensure your brand travels to exciting and new destinations around the world with printed promotional luggage tags! Luggage tags are a great gift for travel and holiday company promotions or any business where customers go often. Promotional luggage tags are an item people look for when identifying suitcases at the airport carousel or if your luggage was to go missing. Our extensive range of custom printed luggage labels comes in various styles, materials, shapes, and colours. From low-cost budget plastic ID bag tags to corporate metal and leather options, the choices are endless. Promotional luggage tags printed with your brand, logo, or marketing message are a great way to engage your customers and build a relationship with them. They are even great to give to your staff so they can advertise your brand wherever they go or wherever they travel. It makes your staff feel a part of a team and a part of a business. It will instantly uplift their mood with something simple and effective. If you are looking to discuss ideas with our team you can email us at or give the team a call at 0116 285 1417 and the team will be happy to help you and share some ideas with you.

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What are luggage tags?

Luggage tags can easily be added to a bag or suitcase to help you keep an eye on your belongings. They are a great way for others to know who owns the bag this is because you can normally add your name, address, and contact information so that if you were to lose the bag or it gets stolen, you can easily be contacted and it can be easily returned to you.

Printed luggage tags can and usually do have simple designs. However, thinking outside the box and making them interesting and attractive can help you make your luggage tag and brand stand out from the crowd, and even better if you are using your luggage tags in different places, people can easily recognize your brand and it can be seen from other weird and wonderful places. 

That is where personalised marketing comes in. If you take the time to design a luggage tag and put your logo or contact details on it, you will create the perfect promo item. Give it away to your clients and customers, or even your staff members and they will use it whenever they travel. Every time they look at their promotional luggage tags, they will remember you and appreciate the gift and it can also be used as a conversation starter or even for others to research your brand if they see it when they are traveling too. 


What are the benefits of printing promotional luggage tags?

The benefits of printing promotional luggage tags are endless. One of the main reasons why people use luggage tags is to identify their luggage. It’s a great way to keep your belongings safe and feel confident that if you lose your luggage it will be easily be found. If you are using your luggage tags in an airport or when traveling you have every opportunity for others to see the brand too or the marketing message which is a great way to engage others with your business and brand and will hopefully convert them into customers.

Giving away free items isn’t that easy, especially for small businesses. That requires a lot of money, and most of the time, it is hard to part with it. However, that is not the case with luggage tags. In fact, these items are some of the least expensive marketing tools out there. You can easily fit buying bulk into your budget and give them away to clients with zero remorse. If you also think about the number of impressions and amount of exposure they will give you, these goodies become truly perfect. 

Promotional luggage tags are also very practical, and people love getting things they can actually use. That ensures they will keep the promo item and use it once they need it. They could also gift it to someone else, which is still a win for you, as your logo will reach even more people.


What type of materials can luggage tags be made out of?

There are lots of different types of materials that can be used to make luggage tags. They can be made from paper, PVC, plastic, bamboo, cork, leather, etc. It really depends on what you want your luggage tags to look like and how durable you want them to be. If you are looking for a more durable luggage tag, then you can go for materials like PVC or leather. If you’re looking for a material that is cheaper for your budget, then you may want to pick a material such as paper or bamboo.


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If you’re interested in branding or promoting your own business with the use of promotional luggage tags, then you may want to consider our range of other travel items such as travel cards, passport wallets, business cards, and more. These types of gifts can complement your luggage tags and will help you to retain special customers and staff members. Please get in touch with the team to discuss any ideas and concepts, you can email the team at or call on 0116 285 2417, the team loves working with your brand and will help you to create the perfect travel gift for your business.