Travel in style with promotional luggage bags, personalised suitcases, and custom-printed trolley bags.

Our promotional suitcases are a must-have for your travels. Here you can find a wide variety of personalised and printed suitcases, luggage bags and trolley bags for your next promotional campaign. There are so many different styles and options including pull-along backpacks, hardshell suitcases, travel bags, and trolley bags. There are lots of different sizes available and colours to ensure you can find yourself a printed suitcase for any occasion to match your brand identity. Our fantastic range of promotional luggage bags, suitcases, and trolley bags can all be printed with company logos, marketing messages, and company details for the perfect promotional gift. Branded luggage and suitcases don’t need to cost the earth either. We can provide quality products at an affordable price when it comes to branding luggage for your marketing campaign. They make brilliant corporate gifts and will keep your brand alive in the minds of your clients as they travel the world!Ā  They hold all your personal belongings together in a safe place, whilst also showcasing your brand everywhere you go. The bonus of printing your own suitcases is the excellent print areas they have to print your company logo and perhaps a slogan or two. By doing this you will definitely catch someone’s eye, whether this is going through the airport, on your flights, in the trunk of your taxi cab, or even when waiting for your baggage at the airport. If itā€™s branded with an awesome design everyone will love it and take an interest in your company. Our range of promotional suitcases and fun creative designs will get you the desired attention as well as an image of who you are and what you represent without needing to say a single word. If you would like to discuss printing and customising your own suitcases then please feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417.

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What materials are used?

Suitcases are made from high-quality materials to ensure they last a long time, look great and are also light to carry. We use strong and lightweight fabrics such as canvas, nylon, and polyester to ensure your suitcases are both durable and lightweight. We have a range of different styles and sizes available, so you are sure to find something that suits your needs and the theme of your brand best. Our suitcases are made from the strongest and most durable materials, ensuring that your luggage bag will not be damaged, nor ripped when you’re travelling. We use a polyester canvas for our suitcase bags, which makes for a durable and long-lasting suitcase. The canvas is also waterproof, which is great for when you’re checking your suitcase at the airport and have to have it checked and go through the X-ray machine. Ā  We use polyester fabric for our luggage bags, which is stronger and more durable than cotton. Our Suede & Leather suitcases are made from high-quality suede and leather. These suitcases will last you for years and will make a statement wherever you go. Our canvas suitcases are also great, as they are both lightweight and durable. If you are unsure about what to choose you can also discuss ideas and options with the team, and samples can be sent out so that you can touch and feel the suitcases before buying which reassures you that they will be the right ones.


Why should you choose promotional suitcases?

  • Quality material.
  • Handles and wheels are made from durable polyester for long-lasting use.
  • Great reach to diverse audiences.
  • Excellent space for branding.
  • Printing and engraving are available
  • Numerous materials.
  • High quality for durability.
  • Wheels for ease of transportation i.e no need for a trolley.
  • Come in a range of colours.Ā 


How can suitcases be printed?

You can choose to have your suitcases printed using a variety of different methods. You can have your suitcases printed using traditional methods such as screen printing and digital printing. Digital printing is a method of printing that uses a series of digital images to create a design on the surface of the suitcase. This is a high-quality method of printing that produces a durable finish. Printing options for suitcases range from a simple logo or text to full-colour designs to create an amazing impact on your customers, staff or recipients. Your suitcases can be printed with a range of materials such as foil, dye-sub, and even heat-pressed vinyl. Foil is the most common printing method, which is when your suitcase bag is printed on metallic foil. This is a great choice if you want your suitcases to have a vintage feel and look. We can print your suitcases in a range of different ways to suit your brand and marketing needs. We can print your suitcases with your logo on them, which will make them look even better and generate even more interest. We can also create a pattern on the suitcase, which will also look great and will help your brand stand out even more. We can also create a colour scheme for your suitcase, which will make your suitcase look even better.


Contact us.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of having your suitcases printed, please feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417. We can provide you with a quotation for the suitcases and discuss the various options and designs we can create for you. We will also provide samples so that you can touch and feel the suitcases before making a decision. We look forward to hearing from you!