Promote fitness with promotional sports leisure bags, gym bags, fitness bags, trainer bags and more, all printed with your company logo.

A branded sports and leisure bag is the first step to help your customers stick to their fitness regime. Planning and sticking to a gym schedule need some serious willpower but, the right kit may kickstart their day to be more motivated to complete activities, go to the gym or even join a sporting club. Even when wearing new trainers, boxing gloves, or maybe even a branded sports and leisure bag. It can still help the fitness discipline and motivation goals that your recipients may be needing. As with all promotional bags, the small details are important too, to making their time at the gym an experience, such as a zip-up mesh compartment for the sweaty stuff. Or maybe even pockets on the outside of your bag to add a water bottle to ensure your recipients can stay hydrated. For anyone who goes to the gym regularly, packing a branded sports bag is a routine procedure. Some people like to pre-pack and leave the bag in the car or hallway, so it is just a matter of grab and go, so knows the time to get creative and fun with your next promotional gym or leisure bag idea.

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What’s trending in the wellness industry?

The top fitness trends are wearable fitness tracking technology, high-intensity interval training, and holistic training such as yoga. If your customer is a savvy fitness enthusiast chances are they will appreciate a well-branded useful sports bag they can use every day. Even the wellness industry is worth £21.7bn a year in the UK alone and it is now even more diverse and easy for everyone to workout at home or in smaller spaces. From green juices, protein diets, mindfulness apps the industry is booming! There is a fitness regime to suit everyone. Our promotional sports merchandise and branded sports and leisure bags have also seen a revival to support the trend. Workouts are shorter and more intense to keep up with busy lifestyles and shorter lunch breaks. The Extravaganza team is always keen to invent new ways of branding and creating sports kits to suit the new wellness fix.


Go eco-friendly with sport and leisure bags.

Sustainability has become a key issue in the fitness industry, and more and more people are shifting towards plant-based diets and meat alternatives. Numerous celebrities and athletes openly follow a plant-based lifestyle.


What types of branded sports and leisure bags can I get printed?

  • Drawstring bag ideal for school/college sports promotions
  • Gym Bags and Branded Holdalls for the serious sportsperson or gym goer
  • Team Sports Bags are larger gym holdalls, with lots of compartments, pockets, and mesh ventilation
  • Duffle Bags that look less sporty for the no-nonsense dumbbell pumpers and treadmill runners
  • Promotional Sporty Rucksacks are sure to outlast any fitness trend thanks to the classic shape. Perfect for the person who needs to get from the gym to work fast without distraction


How to reduce stress with sports.

Fitness and wellbeing are considered to be the ultimate stress reduction tool. Physical activity has the power to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels in the body. The shift towards meditation and mindfulness is also important if your marketing campaign is about encouraging well-being. This is why branded sports and leisure bags could help to promote the latest trends.


What do people put in their branded sports and leisure bags?

Apart from the usual toiletries, there are lots of key items that we can pop into the branded sports bags if you are looking to create a promotional sports kit for your marketing campaign.


Here are some of our top promo ideas to add to gym and leisure bags:

  • Promotional Protein Shaker
  • Printed Travel Coffee Cup
  • Printed Gym Bottle
  • Engraved Padlocks
  • Protein Bars
  • Promotional Activity Trackers
  • Hair Bobbles
  • Embroidered Sports Towel
  • Promotional Foot spray
  • Branded Flip Flops
  • Promotional Hand Sanitiser Gels on Clips
  • Branded Antibacterial Wipes
  • Printed Sporty Vests
  • Promotional Headphones
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Promotional Socks
  • Branded Hoody
  • Branded Lip Balm
  • Yoga Mat
  • Printed Dry Shampoo
  • Printed Energy Sweets
  • Promotional Tea Bags


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