Ensure your customers have a sound experience with personalised printed promotional headphones!

Here at Extravaganza, you can find a variety of personalised headphones for your brand in a range of quality colours and styles to suit your brand identity. Promotional printed headphones are a sleek and stylish method of enjoying music, audiobooks, videos, and podcasts, encompassed within a comfortable, durable, and soft headband that wraps around the recipients’ heads in order to immerse themselves in a journey of sound and creativity! There are many fantastic printing and engraving options when branding your own promotional headphones with the opportunity to create something for your event that is memorable and exciting. Both printing or engraving your brand’s logo on these promotional headphones will surely grab your recipients’ attention and rope in further potential customers. Most of our promotional headphones have active noise cancelling technology to contain the sound within the consumers’ own personal bubble, and create a sense of escape from reality, as customers can truly immerse themselves within the premium headphone experience. A private and immersive experience like this is bound to appeal to a large customer base. Now that should sound like music to your ears!

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What are promotional headphones and what are the benefits of printing them?

Custom printed promotional headphones are a pair of small loudspeaker drivers which are connected through a soft band and are worn around the customer’s head and over their ears. They are electronic transducers which convert an electrical signal to a corresponding sound. They can provide you with your very own personal concert, all within your own bubble of privacy. With the comfort of listening to audio sources privately, custom-printed promotional headphones are traditionally made to provide better sound quality over normal speakers from your devices. Creating a more personalised and immersive experience for all of your customers.


What sort of size options are available?

Generally, the headbands for customised headphones have a ‘one size fits all design’. Allowing them to tailor to the majority of users. Certain headphones also have an adjustable framework, allowing them to fit pretty much all head shapes and sizes. This is a better option if you are providing printed headphones to a large customer base. All custom-printed promotional headphones have a circular dome-like cup shape which wraps around the recipient’s outer ears. It creates a more captivating experience, accompanied by the curved headband which wraps around the top of the customer’s head.


What types of colours and printing options can be used on promotional headphones?

There are so many branding options when personalising your own headphones, including being able to choose the colour of the printing on your custom-printed promotional headphones and the ability to customise the colour of the whole headphones themselves and even the box it comes in. There is a variety of printing options for custom-printed promotional headphones. It can vary from pad prints of up to 6 colours, screen-print of up to 2 colours, engravings, full-colour doming, digital paper sleeve, digital transfer, and screen transfer, digital label and silk screen printing. The best thing about branding your own headphones is the choice to get really creative with printing and branding for promotional headphones.


What are the different functions headphones have?

Many custom-printed promotional headphones consist of additional functions which traditionally, would only be located on the device which is connected to them, either through Bluetooth or traditional wiring. Instead of simple functions such as volume increase, or changing a song originally being exclusive only to the device connected to the custom-printed promotional headphones, these functions can now be operated directly on the custom-printed promotional headphones themselves through easy-to-locate and reachable buttons.


For time-sensitive situations such as answering calls, headphones have the functionality to both answer and end calls through the buttons attached to the headphones, allowing for less stressing and a more snug experience without the worry of missing a call or taking too long to answer them. They are great for meetings via zoom or teams and also important webinars.


Some custom-printed promotional headphones have the ability to be folded into a much smaller packages for additional convenience and allowing portability to be easy, making them compact and fit into a rucksack or hand bag. This not only provides an opportunity for your business to showcase your printed/engraved logo on a product with specific functionality that only certain users may search for but so gives your brand a sense of ‘exclusivity’ and potentially a more premium viewpoint. Headphones that are foldable will ensure your logo and brand get to travel everywhere the recipeint goes.

VR Experience.

Certain custom-printed promotional headphones can be combined with virtual reality glasses with integrated wireless headphones for the ultimate VR experience. The headphones give perfect audio support to the movies and games being watched. Truly providing an immersive experience to your consumers and strengthening their bond with your brand. This is a great idea for gaming or tech companies who want to create a fun experience for their recipeints.


What materials can printed headphones be made from?

Custom printed promotional headphones can be made from a range of materials, such as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), spongy memory foam for the ear cups, and aluminium plates for the ear cups. There is also a polyurethane leather (PU) ear pads/cushion material which is there for added comfort. Certain custom-printed promotional headphones arrive with polyurethane leather, an artificial leather pouch made of thermoplastic polymer. With the addition of being vegan friendly and discovering a potential customer base, vegan consumers consider products that are only vegan friendly to be of utmost importance and interest. It unlocks a specific customer line where they may only purchase your products in preference to rival brands for those specific reasons. Combined with your logo, your brand will undoubtedly gain traction and noticeability. The artificial leather portrays a ‘premium feel’ to the pouch and headphones themselves and in addition, it is vegan friendly.


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