Ensure your customers have a sound experience with personalised printed promotional portable speakers!

Custom printed promotional portable speakers are a sleek and effective way to ensure that your brand travels in style wherever you go, As well as ignite the party! The variety of different shapes, materials, colours and sizes which custom-printed portable speakers encompass, provides a plethora of choices for your consumers to choose from. Ranging from slick and refined speakers to large mammoth-like ones that will most definitely vibrate your senses! It is guaranteed that with the combination of different printing options and colours, your customers will most definitely adore the party starting equipment, as well as your brand too! Considering that custom-printed portable speakers will most likely be in the centre of all parties, to ensure that equal sound and bass are distributed, your brand will most definitely be noticed from every angle! Custom printed speakers are ideal for listening to music, watching videos, and listening to podcasts and audiobooks at louder volumes, that potentially your current device isn’t capable of reaching. Making it the suitable and desired option that a large customer base may require for many different situations. Utilising this opportunity, by printing your logo and showcasing your brand’s magnificence to such a large number of already existing portable speaker users, will ensure maximum recognition of your brand and ensure that your customers are connected to your brand as securely as the Bluetooth connection on your speaker.

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What are promotional portable speakers?

Customised promotional portable speakers are a device that amplifies sound and is paired through wireless Bluetooth connectivity and associated with the connection of one or more smartphones, tablets, iPods and computers. Custom printed speakers can be used as alternatives to regular headphones, whereby not just one consumer can enjoy, but a whole group of people. With a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from cylindrical shaped custom printed promotional portable speakers, your logo can simply wrap around the circumference of the curved speaker, additionally, with a cuboid-shaped custom printed portable speaker, your logo can stand loud and proud on the front-facing vibrating mesh grill, or the remaining space around it. Most definitely guaranteed to attract looks and interest from the nearby or distant public.


Additional functionality of custom-printed portable speakers?

Custom printed portable speakers can have versatile functionality, besides just amplifying sound, they can hold additional benefits to ensure that consumer satisfaction is exceeded. For instance, certain custom-printed promotional portable speakers can have microphones to speak into or have an APP screen (along with pre-installed images) that used 100 small LEDs to display images, alongside that, when receiving a call, the screen will display a cool icon of an incoming call. Custom printed portable speakers can also have hands-free functionality, display the date, time and temperature and have ports to charge your devices as well as a wireless charger for your phone, without the fuss of untangling cables. Certain custom-printed promotional portable speakers can be strapped onto party speaker cooler bags and party speaker backpacks, to ensure that they never get lost and always travel on your journeys alongside you. The combination of the quirky and unique colour-changing LEDs makes the speaker more interesting and attractive to consumers, paired with the multitude of printing options to display your logo, it is hardly difficult to not notice for consumers. Additionally, certain portable speakers can have IPX5 waterproofing, so your party doesn’t just start with land, but can be enjoyed in the relaxing and refreshing poolside as well! Make your custom-printed portable speaker as secure as the materials it is made out of.

Certain custom-printed promotional portable speakers can be built in with mood lighting to really set the scene and ensure an experience as smooth as the soundwaves traveling throughout the speaker mesh grill. Other custom-printed portable speakers can have 4-in-1 functionality at once! Such as the 4-in-1 speaker which has the wireless speaker itself, powerbank, camping light and torch. Some custom-printed promotional portable speakers can be built into a drinking flask, to ensure that customers can use their essentials as well as have the added benefit of a portable speaker built-in for double convenience. Another example
of this would be the custom-printed portable speaker sunglasses wristband. Where you can wear your sound in style! Again, perfect for parties and all in the comfort of your own face and wrist! Certain custom-printed portable speakers can be built into your office lamp! Allowing for comforting tunes to be played while you work, all in the convenience of your essential office/desk supplies! Killing 2 birds with one stone.


What are the printing options for custom-printed portable speakers?

There are a variety of branding and printing options for printed speakers. These range from pad printing, screen printing and transfer printing in up to 4 different colours. So, there is a large variety of options available to tailor to your brand and customer preference. This will ensure that your consumers have a higher chance of being satisfied with their promotional custom-printed portable speakers. Also the better your design is, the more outstanding your speaker will look. We recommend big bold designs as this will stand out and people can easily recognize your brand.


What type of materials can custom-printed promotional portable speakers be made out of?

Custom printed portable speakers can be made out of materials such as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polyester fabric, rubber finishes, various types of wood, bamboo outer-casing and metal. Many of the branded portable speakers we have in our product listings are Bluetooth-enabled for wireless listening. Some models are also foldable for easy storage during transport, and others are mono instead of stereo. There are so many options so there is something suitable for your brand.


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