Create your own logo printed USBs memory sticks, and branded USB flash drives for your electronic devices.

Branded USB Sticks and Flash Drives are the perfect custom gifts for your customers. This is because they will always have a place to store their work or even for personal use such as storing photos. They are a great way to show off your brand on a daily basis. Branded USB Sticks are a super useful promotional product used on a daily basis – it allows your customer to store and backup information, and transfer data between devices (computers, laptops, digital cameras, mobiles, tablets, etc). They can use your Branded USB stick to lock/unlock their Laptop or Computer and even install an operating system. Branded USB sticks and Printed Flash Drives can be made into different custom shapes and mascot designs, from a Rocket to a Dog. Branded Flash drives and USBs can be matched to your brand colours too. And remember we can even preload erasable or non-erasable data onto each branded USB stick, so no more printed brochures. Here at Extravaganza we love unusual and unique branded products and uses. So weā€™ve collated some unusual uses for branded USB sticks, custom USB sticks, and engraved wood USBs which we know you will love!

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Best way to backup a hard drive?

If your customer is going to use the branded USB stick as a portable hard drive then a 128GB or a massive 256 GB USB drive is perfect. This size is ideal when they need to store a big amount of films, videos, or even PC games onto the branded USB drive.


Branded USB sticks can run antivirus software.

If a PC is infected with a virus and your customer canā€™t access it then there is a good chance they can remove the problem by running the antivirus scan from the USB flash drive. Many antivirus solutions offer USB recovery tools, so your customer can find the antivirus they wish to use and use it to create a bootable USB flash drive that they can use to remove viruses and other malware from their computer.


Using a branded USB flash drive to lock and unlock the pc.

Keylock is a program to lock the computer with a branded USB flash drive. It is easy and disables the task manager, and disrupts the mouse, making it impossible to reach the desktop. After unlocking, everything will be recovered immediately and your customer can use your computer again.


Branded USB photo album to create a time capsule history book.

You could encourage your customer to use the branded USB flash drive to create a digital time capsule. In order to do that, they just need to collect as much information about the world today so they can use and store it on the USB. Remind your customer to keep that branded USB flash drive safe, so future generations can see how the world looked like. It’s a bit like an old-fashioned photo album but on a branded USB stick.


How to store important documents privately.

Important documents like insurance certificates, lease agreements, contracts, password documents all need to be stored securely and safely for several years this way they can also be kept securely on a branded USB stick. The branded USB can then be password protected too. The branded USB can then be locked away in a safe to keep out unwanted hands.


The best way of storing films and videos?

If your customer plans to store film and videos then your branded USB stick will need a bigger memory size, we suggest 8GB, 16GB or 32GB


The best way of storing small documents and music?

We would encourage you to go for a 2GB memory size or over as this size branded USB drive is still very cost-effective. Buying a 128MB USB drive for a slightly lower cost is not really worth it as your customer is very likely to run out of space on such a small USB drive. A 2GB USB drive will allow your customer to store over 50,000 documents so is perfect for anybody who just needs a USB drive for simple document portability. Up to nearly 10 hours of music can be stored on a branded USB stick but if you are looking for a USB drive to store a whole music collection, videos or games then you need to go for higher memory.


Are branded USB sticks still popular?

Branded USB flash drives are still useful tools capable of fixing computers and booting operating systems. In the world of promotional merchandise, they have dropped in price every year but at the same time, their storage capacity has continued to double, making them great for any tech enthusiast on the go. Branded USB drives are very versatile but choosing the right memory size is important. We will be able to help you decide on the best size, design, and packaging too. So, let us see how creative we can get together with your branded USB stick.


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