Charge up your next marketing campaign with promotional wireless chargers, custom printed with your logo.

Gift your customers a luxurious promotional wireless charger! What an amazing treat for your employees and customers to receive. There are so many options when it comes to promotional printed wireless chargers such as fully sustainable bamboo chargers with attached pen pots and alarm clocks! There are different materials to choose from, including recycled plastic, bamboo, and cork, to magnetic, and PVC. It’s a great idea to look into the kind of merchandise you should be buying to reflect your brand and its values. If you are a sustainable company and love to ensure your brand does everything in its power in terms of looking after the planet, then a wooden, bamboo or recycled cork promotional wireless charger would suit your brand better than an average plastic wireless charger. It’s also about deciding which material will suit your branding the best. If you have a detailed logo this could look too confusing on an intricate cork wireless charger. We can recommend the perfect material for your logo. Printed wireless chargers are great to keep on your desk in case you need a quick charge top-up in the middle of the day or even if you forgot to charge your phone before work!

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What are the benefits of promotional wireless charging?

Promotional printed wireless charging is a one-stop shop, they can charge all devices that are QI – Compatible. This includes phones, tablets, headsets and wireless earbuds. Wireless chargers are great because when you are travelling you only need to take one charger for all your devices. We pride ourselves on high-quality and well-made items so we are sure you and your customers will have the best experience with our products.


What type of campaigns could your branded wireless chargers be used for?

Tech campaigns.

Showing how tech-savvy your office is, could really help your customers gain confidence and put their trust in you. It shows you are well-developed and have lots of knowledge as a brand. People see tech as a powerful source of knowledge within a company. Tech and gadgets really are the way forward, especially in business where job roles can be taken over by tech. If you already have a very tech-orientated brand, having small nods to your industry like branded wireless chargers will increase your popularity, not only to customers but to other companies in the industry too.

Wellness campaigns.

To encourage your audience to work out or go for a run. Having a fully charged phone helps you to concentrate and work on your goals. It makes the workout easier because you’re enjoying listening to your favourite music or podcast. Having a fully charged phone stops you from feeling stressed and anxious. Nowadays everyone has a phone and lots of people have more interactions with their phones than they do with actual people. This is why keeping your phone fully charged is a must to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Travel campaigns.

Whether you’re travelling across the world or 10 minutes down the road, listening to music and browsing on your phone is no use with a flat battery! Get a wireless charger and charge on the go, it’s a great gadget for travelling light! When travelling having one universal charger that charges all your devices is a really great way to save space and time. Wireless chargers are flat so they fit in small spaces and they charge all IQ-compatible devices, which means lots of the popular brands of phones and headphones can be charged with these wireless chargers.


How practical are wireless chargers?

Wireless chargers are great for no-nonsense charging, just put your phone down and go, with the max charge time being 1hr 30mins you are set up for quick and easy use. When purchasing wireless chargers there are different options when it comes to wattage. The most common wattage for wireless chargers is 10w however 7.5w and up to 15w is available. They are slim and lightweight so easy to pack and fit into any space. The average wireless charging pad is between £5 and £15. Our wireless chargers are high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly, meaning you can put your trust in our products.


Why do printed wireless chargers work for every industry?

Printed wireless chargers are not just for tech companies! They are great for every workplace from offices, restaurants and soft play to car dealers, dog groomers and property businesses! Everyone loves to keep their phone fully charged because it can disorganise their day not having a portable calendar to refer to. The versatility of wireless charging is phenomenal and how something so important can be made so simple. It’s a great investment to make, and you could even create a bundle for your staff if you’re providing them with a company phone. This could include:

  • Company phone.
  • Screen protectors.
  • Sustainable bamboo phone case.
  • Natural screen cleaner spray.
  • Eco bamboo wireless charging pad.
  • Screen cloths.


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