Jazz up your next campaign with protective promotional phone cases, branded with your logo!

In need of new marketing campaign ideas? Here at Extravaganza, there is a range of products to create outstanding and memorable promotional merchandise gifts, and giveaways that will blow your clients away! Great-quality promotional products such as printed phone cases are a great way to advertise your brand. The first reason is that everyone has a phone, meaning you can offer all your staff and clients phone cases that are stylish and trendy with the company branding on them. Doing this will turn your employees into walking adverts because no one goes anywhere without their phone these days. This also shows that your staff trusts your printed phone cases which are holding Ā£1000 worth of product, and will show to the public that you are a trustworthy company that invests in its customers and employees. Another great reason to invest in promotional phone cases for your brand is that they can do more than protect just your phone. For example, our new signal-blocking phone pouches can fit your car keys, cards, and phone inside and it prevents thieves from stealing your data. The best thing about our printed phone cases is that they can be completely bespoke with full-colour branding so you can create a design that stands out and has a huge marketing impact.

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Benefits to printing your own phone cases.

There are so many benefits to investing in phone cases. They really can give your brand that extra boost of advertising that your company needs to hit those targets. The great thing about branded phone cases is that they can last up to 3 years meaning it’s a low-cost form of advertising and could get you seen by lots of your ideal customers. Printed phone cases look sleek, and professional and also look expensive when in actual fact the cost price for personalised/branded phone cases is surprisingly low considering the level of bespoke the phone cases actually are. If you have a small budget and want to treat the team, promotional phone cases are the way to go!


What type of campaigns could your printed phone cases be used for?

Tech/gadget campaigns.

If you are planning a tech\gadget campaign, a printed phone case is a perfect gift to your employees. You could show how technology assists in your everyday work life and how you want to advance the technology going into the future of the brand. If you are a tech company you could also create a gadget hamper full of your branded merchandise for employee of the year etc. It’s a great way to introduce fun technology to your ever-growing brand.

Motivational campaigns.

If you want to motivate your team, creating an incentive with promotional phone cases will make them want to work harder towards reaching that goal\prize. You could also create a staff promotional merchandise give away at Christmas and fill it with wellness and motivational merchandise branded with your logo to show your appreciation to your employees. It’s important to remind your staff that working for your brand is exciting and evergrowing because they can lose the initial excitement after doing the same job every day for years and years.

Travel/lifestyle campaigns.

If you wanted to make your staff feel extra special you could personalise each of their phone cases with your logo and an image of them or their name for example. This way you are showing your staff that they add value to the brand. For example, if you are planning a work trip to California to meet with a client, you could create a travel goodie bag for your employees. This could include personalised phone cases with their name and destination, a branded neck pillow, printed lip balm, branded water bottle and much more to celebrate the trip!


What industries can buy promotional phone cases?

Whether you are a celebrity events company or a corporate law firm, there is a product to suit everyone. Phone cases can be universal for every company and this is why they are a great investment for your next campaign.

Celebrity events company.
  • Full-colour branding
  • Branded phone cases with image personalisation
  • Fun printed phone case with stickers and personalisation
  • Branded phone cases with name personalisation
  • Brand the edge of the phone case
Corporate law firms.
  • Branded phone case for company phone
  • Brand the edge of the phone case
  • Full-colour branding
  • Classic branding with contact details
  • Different finishes, soft touch, and matte


Branded phone case materials.

  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Recycled plastic
  • Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Metal decoration
  • Velvet/velour
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane


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