Stay fully charged with promotional powerbanks and printed charging devices assuring that your brand travels wherever you go!

Custom printed powerbanks are an attractive and practical promotional item to give out to clients or recipients, to ensure their battery doesn’t run out of battery juice! Promotional power banks can be used when travelling far distances or even whilst at home. They are a great gift to give to your recipients and you can feel confident knowing their phone devices don’t reach the dreaded low battery symbol. Although standard plug-in chargers may be the solution to charge your phone, they lack the convenience of portability. Ensure your device stays fully charged wherever you go, with the convenience of portable printed promotional power banks, whereby not just your device benefits, but also your brand, through the personalised branding which you decide to add to your powerbanks. There is a variety of branding options to print your own personalised powerbanks, using digital and pad printing. Even better you can create a luxury feel to the powerbanks with laser engraving. Your brand will be displayed in front of loads of people when you are out and about, and it will also follow you on all your travels, with ever-growing recognition of your brand and logo!

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What are the benefits of printing promotional powerbanks?

The continuously growing number of people using smartphones each year showcases clear evidence that custom-printed promotional powerbanks have amazing benefits to showcasing your brand. The need for people attempting to keep up with social and technological trends signifies the requirement for custom-printed powerbanks. With the addition of your brand’s customisation, whether it be a logo, tagline or brand colour, customers are bound to remember your brand each time they use the charger. In the current age, technology is rapidly evolving, multiple gadgets indicate that you are keeping up with the trends and advanced inventory of gadgets. It is an indicator of their aptness to keep up with the technological and social demands of society. Hence, why a custom printed powerbank is a predominant method of gaining consumer and public acknowledgement. There are an extensive number of reasons why promotional powerbanks are useful.

Another benefit to promotional powerbanks is that they are portable, which is perfect for consumer convenience, and they create a stress-free charging experience for consumers. Especially when they can be utilised in locations where there are little to no charging points. Custom printed powerbanks can quite literally be used at any place, at any time. If they are repeatedly being used in public locations or while travelling, it’s without question that your brand will inescapably be noticed. Integrated with a marketing message, it provides the essential opportunity for your business to get an important message across. It is a significant method to engage others with your brand business and will hopefully convert them into customers.


The best size for a powerbank?

The electronics and components inside a powerbank have been tightly sandwiched into a snug, compact and conveniently miniature package, to provide easier portability. Allowing it to restfully sleep inside of consumers’ pockets, bags, briefcases and pouches etc. With practicality not being an issue, it creates a desirable opportunity for custom printed powerbanks to fit anywhere and allow for them to be used again, to be noticed and help promote the brand, as your logo will indefinitely reach even more people. Multiple charging sockets create a plethora of many different charging methods for multiple individual devices. The substantial battery size and capacity at which certain promotional printed powerbanks incarcerate, incorporates everlasting charging capacity, corresponding with brisk charging speeds, which would put standard charging cables and plugs to shame. Ever-growing technological advancements allow for wireless charging capability to be accompanied by standard cable charging with custom printed powerbanks and the assistance of multiple charging sockets. This produces a sense of futurism and effortless requirement, as the subtraction of cabling and wire entangling, allows for an alleviating experience.


What are the different types of promotional powerbanks?

A vast selection of custom-printed powerbanks ranging in different shapes, sizes, and charging capacities and speeds. Provides consumers with the freedom of choice and the privilege for your business to showcase its magnificence, utilising the printing options and displaying its brand on a large variety and wide range of different custom promotional printed powerbanks and allowing for a great extent of recognition to be achieved for your brand and business. In addition, the expansive number of materials that can be used can accommodate for your business to encompass considerable recognition, with the application of using recycled materials being employed in the manufacturing of custom-printed powerbanks.

Environmentally conscious consumers will notice and consider your brand and business in a favourable manner. Resulting in an appreciable expansion of potentially interested consumers for your brand. Using more premium materials for each custom powerbank results in enhanced benefits, such as an anti-scratch surface. All of which, specific consumers will regard as significant when purchasing, or specifically searching for those distinct features. As a result, your business can take advantage and charge a higher price tag, as consumers would be willing to pay a more premium price. Your business can take advantage of this major opportunity by displaying your brand and result in prodigious leaps in revenue and profit. The sleek and contemporary design that most custom-printed powerbanks induce, provides them with a heavily attractive appearance, coalesced with the latest and modern top-of-the-line laptops, phones and other gadgets. It makes your custom promotional printed powerbanks almost difficult to discern with the latest gadgets, while concomitantly protruding its glory and brand to the public.


What type of materials can custom-printed promotional powerbanks be made out of?

There are loads of different types of materials that can be used to make custom printed powerbanks, they can be constructed from eco-friendly materials for a more attractive view for consumers. Eco-friendly custom-printed powerbanks can be made from materials such as leaf bamboo, recycled plastics, wheat straw and cork. Other materials can consist of lithium-ion and lithium polymer technology. Outer casing for certain custom-printed powerbanks can be made from aluminium and acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).


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