Custom printed webcam covers, microphone blockers, password protected USBs, and promotional RFID protection to keep data safe.

Over the past year, we’ve been hearing more and more stories about how tech devices are constantly looking at our next move, patterns, and our behavior, but also how they’re listening to our private conversations and this all comes down to the big changes in the latest gadgets.  We’ve seen a huge rise in people become more and more concerned about the latest technology, so we’ve got to do something about it.  The advances in technology may threaten your privacy. But with some keen research, we’ve been looking for the NEWEST items to make you feel much more confident about knowing that your conversations, and next movements all get to stay private and secure with some of the MOST useful promotional gadgets which can also be printed with your logo. Including printed microphone blockers, printed RFID wallets, anti-skimming cards, webcam covers, and password-protected flash drives.

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Is Alexa listening to me?

In current headlines, we are facing problems with the biggest and must-have gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home. As reported earlier this year, Amazon admitted its staff listens to customers’ conversations through Alexa. However, they claim the recordings are only used to improve Echo’s understanding of a human voice.


How does my smartphone know I want to join the gym?

One minute you’re talking to your friend about joining a gym, the next minute you check Facebook, to then see offers on gym memberships pop up all over your feed. “So is my phone listening to me?” Your answer is obvious, yes, it is. Everything you say may be recorded through your phone’s microphone. It is common that our devices collect our voice data and may use our thoughts and feedback for marketing purposes, such as joining the gym!


Cover up your webcam…

Having a camera that connects to your internet always seems to be a great feature to have access to, making it easy to Skype and Facetime distant family, catch up with friends, or take video meetings for work with ease. The majority of our webcams and cameras display a small light when taking a video. However, hackers and spammers can disable this light, making you unaware that the camera is active. Hackers can do this without your permission making it possible to be hacked by just clicking a spam email or when you visit a site that may carry a virus. The number of reported cases of hackers, spammers and government organisations getting into our devices have been increasing each year and have somehow found access to people’s webcams and devices. This can easily be stopped with the use of our trendy promotional webcam covers as they can be stuck onto your webcam so you have the decision yourself on whether someone can see you through it or not!


Don’t panic!

Webcam covers are here to offer you that extra security when using your tech devices. By simply covering up the webcam when it isn’t in use, it will stop hackers from even trying to hack you. They’re simple to use, with an easy tear-off sticky-back plastic, you can secure it onto the lens of any of your devices. You may believe this won’t apply to you because your PC/Laptop doesn’t have a webcam, but if you own a smartphone or tablet they more than certainly do. Webcam covers are not just for PC/Laptops they are for anything that is considered to have a small camera. Webcam covers can officially hide you from the world. Research shows that people will just use a sticky note or a piece of paper to cover their screens, this is not the best idea. Although sticky notes do cover your webcam they are not 100% secure, as they can easily fall off and you may not realise. BUT, you can always trust a webcam cover!


Keeping documents and files safe.

Having loads of files saved onto a memory stick is all well and good until you lose it or maybe someone stole your USB. If you DO lose your USB, you want to be reassured that anyone that finds your USB won’t be able to access your files, so all your confidential files are protected. Having a password-protected USB allows you to feel reassured even if you do lose your USB. These USBs are great to keep your files secure and protected for all privacy reasons.


It’s simple to use (if you remember your password)

  1. Plug your memory stick into your gadget or device.
  2. A pop-up will show on your screen, type your password which can be custom-made by you.
  3. Your confidential files are now only accessible to you.

Password USBs are a great gift for people who have a lot of files that are confidential or for someone who always loses things… Make sure you always remember your password, we don’t want you to lose all your files and work, do we?


Travelling safely.

People traveling to and from work every day don’t have to worry about being physically mugged but being mugged by hackers that scan bags and pockets to get payments off contactless cards. As well as taking payments of your cards, hackers have also found the technology to be able to scan your identity, this is by scanning passports and driving licenses. It’s important when you’re traveling with work and to meetings with colleagues, that you ensure all the data that you are carrying around with you is also secure and private.


How can I prevent this?

RFID card protectors are typically used to stop naughty hackers from trying to steal all your money and your identity. The cardholders are typically used to store your debit and credit cards into the holder, they can be either left in your wallet or stuck to the back of your mobile device. The RFID card holders are a much safer way to carry your belongings and give you the confidence to know that all your data is secure, and no one will be stealing it any time soon.


Protect your information.

Having a luggage tag on your bag is essential now. If you lose your bag or someone steals your bag it’s a way of tracking the bag down and returning it to you. Keeping your information hidden when traveling is important because it can prevent identity fraud. Another way you know your data stays secure is by using secure luggage tags. These luggage tags hide your information with their secret cover, making it much harder for others to get hold of your details.


Are others listening?

Security experts have seen a major rise in smartphone devices listening to our private conversations and picking up certain key phrases we say in conversation. This is worrying as it means you may be at risk of hackers, which potentially could take control of our personal devices. The blocker is intended to disable the internal microphone; making it a lot harder for hackers to find an easy way of getting into your smartphone device.

Microphone blockers are there to prohibit audio hacking, for techy devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant E.G the Amazon Alexa)
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Similar devices


Why pick a zippered RFID pouch?

This zippered pouch is great for storing your car keys, phone and devices, and any cash or debit/credit cards or other small accessories. Just like the RFID card protector, this pouch will stop hackers from scanning your information.


Why is this better than the RFID card protector?

This pouch can hold many items like

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Wallet/purse
  • Door fobs

It’s important to keep all these items protected because cars are being stolen and buildings being broken into because hackers can scan ANYTHING. When they do scan items, it will create dupes of the product and they can use it to get into cars and also buildings with dupes of key fobs. The pouch is designed to block RFID signals and protect valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans or unwanted readers. It also is great as it can stop hackers from trying to steal any of your private and personal information.


Stop the hackers, stay safe!

We want you to stay safe this year, make sure you consider what’s around you and how you can prevent hackers from getting into your systems and finding out information about you.


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