Celebrate with your team and treat them to some promotional seasonal gifts, branded with your logo.

Get some amazing branded seasonal gifts to treat your team. It will be well worth it! From Easter and Christmas to birthdays and anniversaries, there are so many products to choose from to celebrate your special day. Whether you’re a family run business or a corporate office there are so many occasions to celebrate throughout the year. It’s a great way to show your employees how valued they are and how much you appreciate their hard work. You could gift all of your employees these seasonal gifts or you could create a hamper for ‘employee of the year’ to give an incentive for your staff to work consistently hard throughout the year. Seasonal gifts range from summer park games to valentines chocolates and doesn’t stop there with over 200 products to choose from that will compliment your brand and its values. As a nation that lives by traditions, we adore gift giving because it shows to other people how much we appreciate them and how much they mean to us. Another great occasion to consider seasonal gifting is work anniversaries or establishments. It is a great way to celebrate as a collective and it encourages excitement and gratitude.

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Different seasonal occasions.

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Valentines day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New year
  • Festival


Top products for different seasonal occasions.


People often invest in branded summer merchandise to treat their employees for their summer annual leave. It’s great for summer gala events and other campaigns that are summer related because you can really get the message out with fun seasonal merchandise. You could also make personalised goodie bags for when your staff have annual leave in the summer with care packages and branded summer gifts.


It’s great to buy winter branded gifts because before work is the most wintery time and possibly the only times your employees are defrosting their car and gritting the driveway. Receiving a ‘winter fit kit’ from your employer would be a lovely gesture to encourage self-care and to make your employees feel valued and like they can put their trust into you.

Valentines day.

Spread the love on valentines and show how appreciated your employees are! Valentine’s gifts are a fun way to celebrate the day and could possibly lead to some secret admirers being revealed! Whether you’re a small or big office everyone can have fun and enjoy Valentine’s day with seasonal branded gifts.


Receiving chocolate Easter eggs from your employer is a lovely touch and really shows how valuable you are to the company. It’s a great celebration for Easter and reiterates the importance of Easter and the meaning behind it. If you are carrying out a marketing campaign for Easter then having fun seasonal merchandise can heighten the success of the campaign.


Celebrate all hallows eve with spooky seasonal merchandise for your next marketing campaign or office celebration. Recognising national holidays as a brand/company shows that you are community orientated and a friendly business. Each year Halloween celebrations are getting bigger and bigger so it’s important when giving your brand that extra push in the marketing department that you acknowledge widely celebrated national holidays.


Christmas is the time to get seasonal merchandise! It’s the ultimate excuse to celebrate Christmas in style and up your marketing game. You could create branded merchandise hampers for all your employees and even create a giveaway for your customers. From candy canes to shortbread selections there are so many options to improve your festive marketing campaigns.

New Year.

Celebrate heading into a new year with branded seasonal gifts! Are you having a corporate new years eve gala? Get your hands on seasonal goodie bags to make your event spectacular! You could even create a hangover kit to take care of your recipients after the event. It’s a great way to create traffic to your website and social media and it also shows to your employees how professional, serious and caring you are as a company.


Booked a work event or working at a festival? Invest in quality branded wristbands and survival kits for your employees to ensure they have the time of their life! If you are exhibiting at a festival and want to get some quality branded festival merchandise then gifting your employees amazing merchandise with your logo can promote your brand even more around the whole festival which will increase your brands exposure massively.


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