Gift your employees with festive promotional gifts and branded festive bundles with printed Christmas merchandise.

Celebrate in style this christmas by gifting your employees an amazing hamper full of festive printed products with your branding on! It’s a great way to promote your business and show your appreciation for all your staff’s hard work this year. There are so many ideas that can be gifted such as branded mugs, promotional christmas jumpers, baubles, cuddly blankets, hot chocolate spoons, and much more. There is a variety of festive Christmas promotional gifts that can be chosen to ensure you reach that WOW factor for your staff and recipients. Being given a present from your workplace is something that not all experience but take it from us, everyone loves it! Whether it’s something small or a huge thank you, your employees are sure to be grateful for the kind gesture. You could distribute small branded gifts to your customers to wish them a merry christmas, especially if they are loyal, returning customers. When deciding what products to choose from you should think about what the recipient wants. For example, your employees will want chocolate, alcohol, self-care items & vouchers and your customers will want sweets, chocolate, pens & mugs. You should tailor your hamper or products to specific recipients to ensure maximum satisfaction and personalisation. If you have brand new products launching this Christmas, a great way to celebrate the launch is to get christmas merchandise printed and branded with your company logo! This could be sweet packages, lip balms, or even water bottles, there are so many options to decide from and the team can also suggest ideas that match your company and branding.

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Branded Christmas merchandise for successful marketing campaigns.

When you launch a new Christmas collection whether it’s a beauty range or a homeware range, you need to promote the new launch to engage customers and make them more inclined to buy. By giving them an incentive they are 10x more likely to consider purchasing your products. For example, you have just launched a festive fake tanning collection that includes a light, medium and dark tanning mousse, a velvet tanning mitt, and a fake tan-erasing gel. You are doing face-to-face advertising and you have the offer “Buy any shade of tanning mousse with a tanning mitt and win a branded tanning robe in store today” People will want to take part in this offer because you are offering them a FREE limited addition tanning robe that they cannot buy, even though they have to purchase products to win the robe. This is how people’s minds work when they see an amazing offer that they cannot resist! This is why you should invest in quality promotional products that reflect your brand and products accordingly. If you owned a car dealership and decided to promote your summer stock with branded bath fizzers the recipients of the merchandise would be very confused and the product would not remind them of your company at all. So finding something which suits your brand will create an awesome impact and your brand will stay memorable to the recipient.


Product ideas for Christmas merchandise!

Having great quality promotional products for the festive season will be sure to enhance your popularity within the office! Everyone loves fun merchandise from jelly beans to bespoke pens. Here are some product ideas that will help you decide on the right merchandise for your brand.

Peppermint Candy Canes You can brand the packaging and promote your branding or a new product release.

Mini Shortbread Biscuits You could brand the front of the tin and include a message or your contact details.

Christmas Gift Bags These bags have a large print area and have the potential to house a large message and even images.

Christmas Gummy Sweet Tins These are compact and convenient and everyone loves a sweet treat at Christmas time.

All of these products are perfect for that pick-me-up that customers and employees want and it makes their time spent at or with your brand memorable. Having a basic branded pen will not gain attention, it could actually make people view your brand as boring and unimaginative. This is why you should get creative and have fun when designing your merchandise to make your brand memorable. Santa hats, Christmas jumpers, goodie bags, and hampers are also popular Christmas gift ideas if you are looking for impressive gifts for your loyal customers and hard-working employees.


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