Stay cosy and warm with winter promotional gifts and winter merchandise, printed with your branding and logos.

Is your brand prepared for those wintery days? Well if not, you have come to the right place! It’s crucial to stay prepared for the frosty season with printed promotional ice scrapers, hand warmers, and lip balms to keep you feeling your best in winter, and what better way to do it than with promotional products that promote your company at the same time as being extremely useful. Whether you want to create a winter essentials swag bag or a christmas corporate gift. Here at Extravaganza, we can provide you with the right tools to help guide you all the way through the order process. You may be launching a winter limited edition product and you may want to promote the range with relevant merchandise or you just want to have some fun with winter promotional giveaways. Creating a care package for your employees this winter will show how generous and caring you and your brand are and it will make your employees more inclined to stay loyal to the company and go the extra mile if necessary. Printed winter goodie bags are a fantastic idea and you can fill them with branded items such as hand warmers, ice scrapers, wooly hats, and nourishing lip balms. During difficult times in the winter, people will be struggling so gifting them a winter gift will be really special. This could be a promotional winter gift that you are giving to your employees or customers and it will incline them to revisit you as you have helped them in some way. It’s also so important to build and retain relationships with customers as it brings you more loyalty and guaranteed business throughout the year.

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What can winter merchandise do for your brand?

Promotional winter gifts and seasonal merchandise can transform the way your clients and prospects or new leads can perceive your brand. Being given a gift by a brand you are doing business with will make you 85% more likely to buy from them again. This is because everyone loves a gift or a freebie and it comes across as unusual, kind, and generous which makes you a brand create impact and be memorable. Winter can be a bleak time for many and being given a lovely goodie bag with winter essentials will leave a lot of customers grateful for your service.

There are thousands of avenues you can go down with winter merchandise from branded scarves to printed socks to keep you warm. There are various branding and print options so you can create an awesome impact with your winter printed gifts. Who wouldn’t love a cozy goodie bag filled with branded gifts from their employer? If your company has employees who work outside it would be a lovely idea to gift them a wooly hat, scarf, gloves, and hand warmers branded with your logo. We can put together goodie bags and winter swag boxes for you and distribute them all to separate recipient addresses which will save your company lots of time and effort, and we can take the stress off your hands.


Product ideas for winter gifts!

Having great quality promotional products for the winter season will be sure to enhance your popularity within the office! Everyone loves useful winter merchandise and it’s a nice touch to gift something which they can use. Here are some product ideas that will help you decide on the right merchandise for your brand

Winter Fit Kits – The perfect kit for keeping everyone feeling fit and healthy during winter. The kit includes tissues, hand sanitiser, a lip balm, and a heat pack.

Winter Gift Tins –  A yummy treat for your recipients, nearly everyone loves food so you can’t go wrong with some luxury chocolates and truffles which come in a beautifully branded tin.

Blankets – The perfect gift for keeping your recipients warm this winter, you can’t go wrong with a blanket and it won’t be chucked away.

Ice Scraper Gloves –  The most useful item for cold weather, especially for cold mornings, and will be useful for anyone who needs to de-ice their car but who wants to keep their hands warm at the same time.

All of these products are perfect for that pick-me-up that customers and employees want and it makes their time spent at or with your brand memorable. It’s time to start getting creative this winter and impress your recipients with a useful and fun winter promotional gift. If you are stuck for ideas our team will be more than happy to help.


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