Create your own branded pencils, eco pencils, colouring pencils, mechanical pencils and more for your pencil case and office desk!

Make your mark with promotional branded pencils. They come in plenty of colours, materials, and branding options to choose from, branded pencils make a fantastic promotional product. Whether it’s a low-cost giveaway or something more desirable, there’s sure to be a pencil that’s just right for your campaign. Whatever your logo, there’s branding options to suit your brand, from a full-colour print to laser engraving. We can help with designing your branded product creating something that suits your brand down to the ground. Whether that’s a bright full-colour design that means your pencil never gets lost or a simple yet effective design on one of our eco pencils, Extravaganza can make it happen. The team at Extravaganza are experts in their stationery knowledge and will have the best creative ideas that are just for you.

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Why pencils?

Pens are great but there is certainly something about using a pencil. With varying grades and shades, creatives like us love their pencils. Mistakes are super easy to rub out and put right so your notes will look really neat. They are also fantastic for sketching your ideas! Pencils are also great for writing on surfaces like walls since they don’t leave a permanent mark. This means they are very handy for tradesmen or doing your own DIY projects at home. Golfers also make regular use of pencils to jot down their scores. Golf pencils and scorecard holders make a fantastic combo for your merch.  If it sounds like your clients would find a pencil handy to have around – It’s time to get your brand on it!


Pencils for the planet.

There is such a wide range of eco pencil options to choose from so your next giveaway pencil can be so much more than just a pencil. Make an impact with an eco message for your next campaign! Seeded pencils are a fantastic way to impress your clients. They will never go to waste – plant them in the garden and watch them grow. The stunning wildflowers will be a great reminder of your amazing giveaway. This is not the only way to minimise waste with your pencil! There are also biodegradable and recycled options. Pencils can be made from a variety of quirky materials that can really impress. From denim to CD cases and even dollar bills! There’s sure to be a recycled pencil that will wow your customers and look fantastic with your brand! Going for that natural look? Materials like bamboo, wheat straw and cork look eco and feel fantastic. Team these with a notebook in the same material and you could make an amazing eco kit that your customers will love to use.


Pencil materials.

  • CD cases
  • Plastic bottles
  • Denim
  • Sustainable wood
  • Dollar Bills.
  • Seed
  • Bamboo
  • Wheat straw
  • Recycled paper


2B or not 2B?

What is it all about anyway? Your pencil isn’t wishing you Happy Birthday! HB is the standard size for most pencils but what does it mean? It’s actually part of the graphite grading scale that indicates how hard or soft your pencil lead is. The scale ranges from 9H which gives the lightest mark to 9B which leaves a solid black mark. HB comes somewhere in the middle of the scale which is why it’s the most commonly used. The scale isn’t as complicated as you might think however – the ‘H’ stands for Hardness, ‘B’ for blackness and there’s even an ‘F’ that indicates a fine pencil lead. Historically pencils marked with ‘BBB’ would be very black which does make a lot of sense once you understand what the letters mean! Now however ‘BBB’ has been simplified to 3B.


Colouring pencils.

Coloured pencils are great fun to use with colouring books. Whether it’s for kids or adults, this is an incredibly fun and even therapeutic activity you could use into your campaigns. Colouring in your brand’s logo or image is a great way to engage your clients. As well as this we also offer things like bags, pencil cases and fridge magnets that can be coloured in, complimenting colouring pencils extremely well in a kit. We love merch that is interactive!


Fun uses for pencils.

  • If you have long hair – one way to tie it up out of the way is to use a pencil!
  • Don’t you just hate those nasty marks left behind by stickers? No problem – you can use your pencil eraser to rub them away!
  • All you need is a pencil, paper and some interesting textures and you can make rubbings. Stone, brick or just some leaves from your garden make fantastic rubbings.
  • Pencil erasers make fantastic stamps so you could make your own wrapping paper, greeting card or even your very own pointillism masterpiece!
  • Frustrated with that zip that always gets stuck? Just rub your pencil down it and the graphite will help it move freely.
  • Did you know pencil shavings deter moths? Next time a moth is driving you up the wall, save your swatting and just sharpen your pencil.


Pencil trivia.

  • Although never proven, it’s estimated the average pencil can draw a line up to 35 miles long!
  • Before the invention of rubbers, it’s said that artists used breadcrumbs to rub out mistakes.
  • Pencils have been used by astronauts because they still work with zero gravity.
  • Unlike pens, pencils work underwater!
  • If you prefer to use a pencil to a pen, you’re not alone! It’s said that famous authors John Steinbeck and Earnest Hemmingway wrote their novels in pencil.


Contact us.

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