Keep your essentials all together with a printed promotional pencil case, branded with your company logo!

Here at Extravaganza, you’ll find a variety of fantastic pencil cases for your promotional campaign. They are super useful for educational companies such as schools, colleges, and universities and are a great way to keep your stationery essentials all together. Our printed clear pencil cases are a perfect student giveaway gift to give to students who are doing exams in school and college. Our promotional pencil cases are also a great way to keep your promotional flyers and business cards all together. There is a variety of printed pencil cases that you can choose from including different sizes, colours, and different materials. There are pencil cases made from cork, woven paper, felt, and cotton. Our promotional pencil cases are perfect for printing with your branding or company logos, text, or graphics as a practical advertising giveaway. If you are interested in printing your own promotional pencil cases then you can contact the team at or call on 0116 285 2417, the team is always happy to help with any advice you may need, quotes, or visual ideas you may need so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Benefits of printing pencil cases?

There are so many benefits to printing your own pencil cases. One of the most popular reasons to buy promotional pencil cases is that they are low-cost to buy making them a great additional giveaway to give to your recipients, staff or students. They’re also excellent for helping to keep desks tidy; there’s no need for pens, pencils and highlighters to be strewn everywhere when there’s a neat promotional case to keep them in!


What are the printing options for pencil cases?

The printing options for this product include screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing and full-coloured digital printing. Screen printing is the method for branding textiles, plastic, and paper products with a flat surface. The ink is pressed onto the product through gauze. This method provides high colour accuracy and is highly popular. The technique has long-lasting results and is trustworthy – the most crucial thing! Pad printing is ideal for curved surfaces and is a very versatile process. Transfer printing is for those pencil cases which cannot be screen printed due to their size, shape, or material (for example, the frank softy metal tube). Lastly, the digital printing technique involves printing directly onto the product using a machine like a laser or an inkjet printer. This allows you to print crisp full-colour images and large formats too, with photographic quality. These types are amazing due to their creativity, which may benefit you as well if you have quite a colourful designer company!


What pencil options can be personalised?

There are various promotional pencil cases which we sell. Including the ‘Franklin Softy Metal Tube’. This type of pencil case is not only small enough to fit into any small bag but is a different alternative to a standard printed pencil case. The tube is a soft metal, therefore decreasing the likeliness of being damaged like other types of pencil cases. This could be good as a corporate gift. However, if this is not the type of product you are searching for, we also have other various options such as the ‘Crosshatch Pencil Case’ which is a bigger pencil and it’s made out of fabric material. In the case that your business involves plenty of paperwork, we would highly recommend it. It can be personalised with your own branded logo and marketing message!


What weird things can pencil cases be used for?

Despite your daily need for putting pencils, pens and more in a pencil case, there are A LOT more things for which you can use these:

  • Medicine
  • Makeup bag
  • Jewellery
  • Nail polishes
  • Money bag
  • Felt-tips
  • Paint-brushes
  • Hair accessories


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