Get mathematical with printed calculators and eco-friendly promotional calculators,  branded with your company logo!

As the world revolves around numbers it makes it the perfect time to get your clients and employees something that is helpful and also trendy! You might feel a bit bamboozled when it comes to finding the right promotional printed calculator for your next campaign but we have lots of options to offer to you in various styles, colours, and materials. We can discuss various options with you including bamboo, flexi, and ruler calculators. There is a range of printing options when it comes to calculators, The most popular being pad printing and stickers. You could brand some trendy bamboo calculators and include them in a giveaway or in branded kits for your employees. Calculators are great to have on your desk if and when you need them, especially when at work they can be essential; because let’s be honest we would all rather use a calculator than work it out on our own! You could get them engraved with important contact details, that way no one will forget a vital phone number or email. Now let’s get creative and personalise promotional custom-printed calculators with your branding today!

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What are the most popular printed promotional calculators?

Bamboo calculators.

Bamboo calculators are a great option if you’re an outdoor/nature-orientated business. For example a nature reserve or sustainable holiday villages or even a nature project in schools. This could be a great way to really incorporate a running theme and make it feel more realistic and authentic. Another great reason to use bamboo calculators is that they are sustainable and trendy, which would look great for your business.

Flexi calculators.

Flexi calculators are a great option if you are looking for something fun and entertaining as well as useful. This would be a great product to have in schools, nurseries, or even tuition lessons. They are slim and lightweight which is great when packing a calculator into a pencil case at school, you don’t want to be carrying around a bulky plastic calculator, do you?

Ruler calculators.

Ruler calculators are great because you are killing two birds with one stone! You never have to think about forgetting your calculator before your exam ever again. It’s a double-sided ruler with a fully capable calculator. Considering the two products are merged together the ruler calculator is surprisingly slim and compact. The ruler calculator is a must-have for those who hate clutter.


Benefits of branding your own calculators.

  • Having a calculator branded could promote mathematical projects and departments.
  • Low cost – bulk buying calculators are cheap but one of the best promotional gifts you can give your employees or staff.
  • Calculators are useful for offices too, a lot of the time sales assistants will need calculators, especially when dealing with large numbers.
  • Clients seeing your branded calculators in the sales office will automatically show how professional and passionate you are about your brand.



If you are interested in getting in touch to discuss all things to do with branding and printing your own promotional calculators we’d be more than happy to help! We can quote you on prices, organise free visuals and also send free samples if you wish to see your products before branding. Contact us on our email at or you can even call us on 0116 285 2417 or Whatsapp us, we will answer your message as soon as we can.