Keep your desk clean and your mug close by with promotional coasters, perfect for the office and staying stylish.

It’s time to get creative and design your own unique coasters for your next promotional campaign. We have a huge range of options from branded coasters to bamboo coasters, engraved coasters, and much more alternatives to increase your brand exposure. No matter where you work or what you do, everyone needs to stop those pesky drink stains on their desk. We have a range of custom coasters that come in all different shapes and sizes, even colours and styles too. You could even add contact details onto your coasters so people can use them to contact you and find your website. It’s a fun way to get your brand out there and is something people use every day when they are in an office job so it’s a memorable way to ensure your brand gets showcased to your clients all the time. All of our coasters can be custom printed with your designs, text, and logos as well as your own brand colours. Branded coasters are perfect for building brand loyalty daily. It is useful, practical, and has a wow factor. Our quality of printing on coasters can include various options such as digital print, engraving, embossing, transfer printing, dye sublimation, and tons more printing options to ensure your branding will remain visible and vibrant for the lifetime of the promotional coasters. If you are interested in branding your own promotional coasters then you can contact the team and they will be happy to advise and help with any requirements or questions you may need help with.

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Different ways to print your own coasters.

Direct screen printing.

This is perfect for simple logos and designs that don’t have complicated images on them. Screen printing is more affordable for larger quantities due to the long setup time.


This is one of the best methods for printing on light-coloured coasters that are very detailed in design. This will give you the clearest results with the brightest colours.

Full colour ultraviolet printing.

Ultraviolet (UV) printing is a technique that uses printers with special inks that dry quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light. ​​UV inks are fade-resistant and waterproof, so the print will last a long time.


Everyone loves a cuppa!

Having branded coasters in the office is the perfect way to show off your brand and logo when you have visitors in the office. You can make them a perfect brew and they can place it on your branded coaster. even better your coaster sits on your desk all day every day so they are constantly being reminded of your brand all the time. This could be the perfect conversation starter, making them feel a part of something bigger, or even a great gift idea.


Our big 5 ideas for promotional branded coasters.

Aesthetic desk accessory.

Help your employees feel on trend when working, whether it’s in the office or at home. Did you know good hydration prevents brain fog, elevates energy levels, and increases the feeling of well–being? So it’s important to have something to keep your drink on that can remind you to stay hydrated.

Sustainable option.

Whether you choose a bamboo coaster, a printed coaster, or a recycled cork coaster, you can encourage your customer to do the right thing and get earth-friendly. Reuse the coaster and make an eco-friendly brand statement!

Power team.

Get all your staff team “on brand” and get them using the company-branded coasters. Remember a staff team that drinks coffee together stays dynamic, strong, and work-focused. But you don’t want coffee stains all over your office furniture, so make sure everyone has a coaster to do their bit in keeping the office clean and tidy.

Life made simple.

Give your customers a promotional coaster and help them get their important tasks done without the worry of staining their desks with coffee. Perfect promo item for the office resident who needs coffee to get them through their long hours.

Starter kit.

Surprise and delight your customer with a useful branded mug with a matching coaster – fill it with chocolates, coffee sachet, tea bag, and sugar – help them settle into their new Uni Pad and give them something useful to use and cherish.


Contact us.

If you want to discuss coaster options, or brand your own coasters but need some help from the team, you can contact us at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417. Our team would be happy to help you with concepts, product ideas, pricing, and designs.