Get your brand in front of your customers, with promotional mouse mats.

Branded mouse mats make excellent gifts for anyone whether they’re into their tech or they just need kitting out with the essentials. Promotional mouse mats get your personalised message right in front of customers who work on computers every day! Printed mouse mats are promotional products that will sit on their desktops, promoting your corporate logo daily. Custom promo mouse mats make perfect gifts and giveaways for schools, colleges, universities, offices, or any business using computers and mice on a daily basis. Printed promotional mouse mats come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet any company budget and requirements with every opportunity to have awesome full-colour branding! They are the perfect advertising tool for any industry sector who have offices, and it’s a constant reminder for your recipients who see it every day. Mouse mats and mouse pads are handy to have around at home or in the office – meaning they can be used in both environments meaning they are great for working from home too. They’re useful in so many situations which is exactly why you should get your brand on them. Mouse mat merchandise can be something really worth holding onto when it’s useful and of great quality! There are so many options when it comes to your branded mouse mats from sets to large printed mouse mats so there’s sure to be something that will wow your clients.  If you are interested in branding your own promotional mouse mats then you can contact the team and they will be happy to advise and help with any requirements or questions you may need help with.

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Kit out your office with printed mousemats.

Is your mouse catching on your desk and isn’t working as well or as smooth as it should be? Well, look no further with our promotional branded mouse mats! They come in all shapes and sizes, can be lightweight and also can be made from different materials such as recycled tyres, fabric, plastic, rubber, neoprene, leather, microfibre and many other materials. They are the perfect way to make your office or desk feel on-brand or part of a company. It’s a nice gift that can be given to staff members so they feel part of a workplace or community at work and makes them also feel ready to work. If you’re looking to make your office look really smart you gift your staff and team with promotional mouse mats with some matching coasters for the perfect promotional gift idea.


Go eco and sustainable in your office.

Just because mouse mats are made for tech doesn’t mean they can’t be eco too! There are lots of mouse mats that are made from sustainable and recyclable materials like bamboo, cork and even used car tyres! These materials also look great and show that you support sustainability within your office too. If you’re looking to really wow with your office’s look then there are bound to be some computer accessories that match your aesthetic. If you want to see more eco merchandise ideas for your office then click here.


Benefits of printing your own mouse mats.

They’re great for the office. You could give out computer accessories to new members of staff like a mouse mat as part of a welcome kit. If you want to get your office looking super on the brand you could even provide staff with branded mice to match. Tech accessories are great as an extra on a branded kit since they’re so useful and add a bit of a wow factor to your office and then your recipients are constantly being reminded of your brand when they visit their desks every day to work. Another bonus to mousemats is that they are cheap and affordable, and they don’t require a lot of resources or space, making them a perfect fit for promoting a brand subtly. Mousemats use minimal materials to manufacture, brand and deliver, interested advertisers can save quite an amount by choosing custom mouse mats.


Branding ideas for your mouse mats.

For your existing, employees you could tailor the mouse mats to them personally to make them feel valuable to the company. These would make great secret santa presents, birthday presents or even company anniversary gifts. You could personalise them by adding an embarrassing picture taken at the annual christmas party or even their favourite picture of their dog. The sky’s the limit! Mouse mats are a great place to put important information since they’re always to hand. You could have yours printed with useful contacts for your business or even a calendar that includes your important dates. If you’re an IT firm, it’s a great idea to put your tech support number on a mouse mat and give them to your clients so they always know who to call.


Contact us.

Planning your welcome-to-work kit or looking to give away some amazing mouse mats at your next event? The Extravaganza team is here to help create your perfect branded merchandise. Just get in touch at or call on 0116 285 2417 and the team can help with any questions or requirements.