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Branded desk items for marketing success.

It’s a smart idea to give away freebies to your employees or potential clients with something useful so they will use it and remember you. Printed desk accessories have super useful functions that your employees and potential clients can use. A great bestseller item that is cheap to print is a coaster, everyone enjoys a hot drink whilst at work whether that’s tea or coffee and they can be reminded every day of your brand when picking up their drink to have a sip! This is an easy and memorable way to showcase your brand with something that they’ll see every day.  The possibility of others seeing or using other items too such as pens, mugs, bags or folders every day is sky-high. There are so many wonderful opportunities for a person to see and remember your logo with promotional desk accessories.


Benefits of buying promotional desk accessories.

  • Universal use
  • Large target audience
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Differing functions of accessories
  • Colours and shapes to choose from
  • High visual contact in the work space]
  • Gift bag appropriate (combination with bags, pens, USB-sticks, folders etc)


Customised mouse mats.

Promotional mouse mats get your personalised message right in front of customers who work on computers every day! Printed mouse mats are promotional products that will sit on their desktops, promoting your business every single day. Custom promotional mouse mats make perfect gifts for schools, colleges, universities and offices or any business using computers and mice. Logo branded mouse mats come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet any company budget. With full-colour printing, they make for the perfect advertising tool for any industry sector.


Branded coasters.

Branded coasters and printed beer mats protect desks and tables from hot mugs and dripping glasses, all while giving office mugs or water bottles a ‘home’ on the desk. Promotional coasters are a fantastic way to easily and cheaply get your company logo on every desk. They are simple to send via post or hand-out at events and tradeshows, each with a clear guaranteed use that will keep your marketing campaign on display long after your event has passed.


Promotional calendars.

Custom printed calendars are perfect to stay organised and promote your brand all year round. Branded office calendars can display important event dates within your business and can be used weekly, monthly and yearly. Branded calendars are perfect for offices, schools, stores, shops, gyms, malls and anyone who can all find uses for promotional calendars. They can be printed in full colour for an amazing branding opportunity! The most popular types of calendars are desk and wall calendars which are available in a host of standard or bespoke designs to suit your particular requirements. Promotional wall calendars and desk calendars are perfect for helping people plan things out in advance, schedule meetings, shows, events and much more.


Customised calculators.

Every business can use printed calculators as a marketing strategy because all types of customers have a need for a calculator on occasion. Customers will place your company branded calculator on their desk and, every time they use it, they will see the business name. Our printed calculators can fit any special message that you want to brand and share with others, from some simple contact information to a catchy slogan sparking their interest, something that catches their eye is super important. Printed calculators are a fantastic promotional gift that can be sent in the post to market to a new audience too!


Contact us.

If you’re interested in promotional desk accessories and office ideas then you can contact the team at or call us on 0116 285 2417. At Extravaganza we have a huge range of fun and creative promotional desk ideas for your next merchandise campaign. The team will be happy to send you samples, costs, and free visuals so don’t hesitate to get in touch.