Style your office with promotional plastic pen pots, metal pen pots, and more!

Get creative with your promotional pen pots and create something brilliant for your office space. There are so many things you could include when branding your own pen pots. There is the opportunity to include important contact numbers to assist your staff when they are stuck at their desks or you could even add positive quotes and messages to your pen pots to motivate your staff or recipients whilst they are at work. It’s a great way to get your brand or message seen every day as it’s something everyone will use in an office! There is a variety of branding options from printed pen pots including funky 3D branded sticker pen pots to full-colour digital wrap designs. We always have an answer to your promotional stationery pot dilemma. Having a desk covered in stationery is anyone’s worst nightmare so why not find your employees the most perfect branded pen pot? You could even include promotional pen pots in branded stationary kits for new employees as a welcome gift on their first day! Whatever the occasion we can deliver promotional branded pen pots for your organisation or company.

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What can branded pen pots do for your brand?


Marketing your business and using promotional products shows initiative. Customers really love this as it creates a sense of success when your logo is on good quality and sustainable merchandise.


Showing customers that you are serious about promoting your brand will make them put more trust in you because they see that having promotional products made with your branding is a luxury. This shows your success in what you do and that you have expertise in the field. People would much rather buy off an expert than a salesperson.


Having promotional pen pots made for your brand can show professionalism and passion for your business. Having something that keeps your desk tidy shows you care about how organised your brand is and it also shows that you are proud of the brand itself. If you are proud of what the business has achieved, others will be wowed.


Branding ideas for your promotional pen pots.

  • If your pen pot is made from recycled material. Let the user know with a slogan like ā€œI used to be a corkā€.
  • Brand your pen pots with your phone number and email and use them as a handy desk accessory. These are so handy when you’re on the phone and scrambling to find contact details.
  • You could brand your pen pots with a full-color wrap sticker that can go all the way around. This provides an eye-catching and long-lasting colour.
  • You can use pen pots for other things such as plant pots, trinkets, storage, and much more.
  • You could also do a stationary hamper using the pen pot to put everything into, this would be great for a new employee, a customer, or a giveaway on your social media.
  • Giving your customer a hamper of products with your branding on them after they have made a large purchase is a great way to make long-lasting relationships with customers and other businesses.


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There are so many options available that there will always be a promotional pen pot choice that looks amazing with your branding on it. Get in touch with the team at or call us at 0116 285 2417 and the team will be able to assist you with your requirements and ensure your perfect branded pen pot is a reality!