Print your own promotional rulers, eco rulers, spirit levels, metric rulers, folding rulers, and more.

Printed promotional rulers are where we should draw the line! They are quite simply the most exciting piece of stationery out there. Custom branded rulers have plenty of colour options, as well as materials and branding options to choose from. Whether it’s a low-cost giveaway or something more desirable, there’s sure to be a ruler that’s just right for your campaign. Whatever your logo, there are branding options to suit your brand, from a full-colour print to laser engraving. We can help with designing your branded product and creating something that suits your brand down to the ground. Whether that’s a bright full-colour design that means your ruler never gets lost or a simple yet effective design on one of our eco rulers, Extravaganza can make it happen. The team at Extravaganza are experts in their stationery knowledge and will have the best creative ideas that are just for you.

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What are the benefits of branding rulers?

Printed rulers are a fantastic tool; everyone will need to use one at some point in their work life, whether measuring things or drawing something which includes lots of straight lines. With the varying forms that rulers come in, it’s great that there are variations of colours and styles to choose from. From folding keychain rulers for people on the go to spirit-level rulers that can be used on a building site. There is a wide range of promotional rulers to please everybody. Printed rulers help keep your work neat and tidy and also come in handy for lots of other day-to-day activities.

Printed rulers for the planet.

Most promotional rulers are made from plastic, and when they break they just get thrown in the bin and sent to a landfill. There is the opportunity to even print your own eco-friendly and sustainable rulers that are made from materials such as bamboo, recycled metal/plastic, and cork. It’s important to consider eco alternatives for rulers because 85% of our landfill per year is made up of plastic, and having alternative eco options for rulers could potentially bring this percentage down. Plastic rulers snap easily making the possibility that they end up in a landfill very high. So it’s important that we create rulers that are high quality and are made from durable eco materials so that they will last a long time. Going for that natural look? Materials like bamboo, metal, and cork look eco and feel fantastic and offer an interesting story for your promotional product. Include your printed ruler with a notebook & pen in the same material and you could create an amazing eco kit that your customers will love.

Ruler material options:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Rubber


How can I brand my promotional rulers?

There is the option to have custom-shaped rulers that can be printed with your company branding and designs. These are great for automotive companies as they look very effective when they are in the shape of a truck or a car. For a building company, spirit-level rulers with your branding would look very effective and would also come in handy on-site. Folding rulers would be great for a brand that does lots of work outdoors, you could add them to a matching keychain that is also promoting your company and business details.

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