Printed notebooks, full-colour notebooks, notepads, writing journals to write down thoughts and ideas, all printed with your logo!

Here at Extravaganza, we consider ourselves branded notebook experts, and we are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about anything to do with notebooks and branding! We can even give you alternative options and also help you find notebooks that suit your needs. This can include cheap notebooks, eco-friendly notebooks, and much more! Our promotional printed notebooks are highly desirable promotions that everyone will use. Whether your notebook is for re-selling, corporate gifts, or as a free giveaway for your clients. We are extremely confident that notebooks will work well for your consumer. We are a nation of notebook lovers! And why wouldn’t we be? After all, our beautiful branded notebooks can be used for all sorts of activities including doodling, drawing, mind-mapping, jotting down ideas, journaling, writing important to-do lists, and even brainstorming. There are so many things that can be written down in notebooks that everybody will find a good use for them. Our range of branded notebooks includes eco-friendly options, premium corporate notebooks, hardback, and soft-feel options, and low-cost journals to meet the tightest of marketing budgets. Especially for offices, schools, or universities, promotional notebooks printed with your logo are a product that is well appreciated.

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Where can notebooks be used?

Promotional printed notebooks have many uses for your recipients, this includes giving them out to your employees so they can be more professional in meetings, or even giving them out as a luxury gift, or as an important meeting gift, or giving them out at a stand or trade show. The best thing about printed notebooks and notepads is that they are ideal for anyone, including colleagues, staff, customers or clients. The bonus of giving out a notebook is that your brand is constantly being shown around, and it can be used for a long period of time.


Different materials for printed notebooks.

Bamboo notebooks.

We have a variety of promotional bamboo notebooks, including the bambloc notebook and the franklin notebook set. Bamboo notebooks are designed to be eco-friendly, taking your green initiative even further. Most of our notebooks include an equally beautiful, eco-friendly pen or we can add a lovely eco pen into the mix. Show your clients you care about the environment with eco-friendly promotions.

Cork notebooks.

The cork notebook choices are endless. Cork is such a versatile, natural, and sustainable material. It feels soft to touch and itā€™s 100% cruelty-free and so much better for the environment. We have lots of options including the napa cork notebook, evora cork notebook and sonora cork notebook, and many more options available too.

Leather notebooks.

Some of our notebooks are made from leather, which means they are more flexible, whilst maintaining shape and strength too. Leather notebooks are also cost-friendly, meaning the quality is there for the price you pay.Ā  Some of our favourite leather notebooks include the atlanta leather notebook, the coda leather notebook, and the nova leather notebook. We have various colours of leather in stock, so just speak to the team to discuss your options.

Plantable notebooks.

We absolutely LOVE finding interesting notebooks, especially ones that can be planted into the ground! Our grow notebooks include pine seeds so that your recipients can grow their own plants, literally from just a notebook! We also have similar products including the grow bookmark and also seed paper, which work similarly to plantable notebooks.

The humble branded notebook is actually an incredibly useful bit of kit if you ever write anything down – and let’s face it, most of us in the corporate or educational world still do! So, a promotional notebook is one of the most popular giveaways for good reason.

Notebooks really are a brilliant promotional gift, encouraging creativity. Whatever you’re looking for – whether itā€™s A6, A5 or A4 sizes, eco-friendly or luxury, hardcover or soft-feel, spiral bound or perfect bound, at extravaganza we have quality notebooks that will meet your brand’s needs and also will suit the budgets you have in mind too.


Benefits of branding notebooks.

Take your brand with you.

Everyone enjoys using a notebook, and letā€™s be honest everybody needs a notebook for their daily life to jot things down. Branded notebooks raise your brand’s awareness by being visible on your recipient’s office desk, during important meetings and when travelling out and about.

Encourages productivity.

Notebooks are used for all sorts of things, and they also help to encourage others to write notes down and to complete note-taking. For example, if a notebook is given out in a very important meeting, and is left of the desk for the consumer then they are more likely to write notes down due to having received a notebook in the first place.


Branded notebooks are a permanent keepsake and are highly valued when used as a note-keeper, journal or diary. Notebooks are also quality items, so they arenā€™t likely to be chucked away and will stay with the recipient for a long time.


Contact us.

Found the notebook that you love? Get in touch at or call us on 0116 285 2417 to talk to the team to discuss options for you, if you are in need of ideas or are unsure of what will work best for your consumer then we will have all the information and ideas for you! The team is always happy to help with any request that youā€™ve got in mind.