Create your own promotional printed notebooks and folders, jotters, diaries, journals, and printed folders that can keep your work super organised.

Whatever your creative vision is we have a wide range of branded notebooks and folders in many styles, materials and mix and matches of different colours to suit your brand identity. Personalised notebooks and folders are perfect for building brand loyalty daily. They are useful, practical, and life-changing and can be used every day for different types of life situations whether it’s writing a shopping list, a cleaning list, future planning and note-taking in special worm meetings. Promotional folders and journals should help your customer’s mental focus and help them in day to day list scenarios. A beautifully branded notebook with your logo and message on it is the perfect way to share your brand with staff and clients every single day just like a notebook is used. Promotional notebooks and folders are perfect for direct mail promotional campaigns, and they can also be delivered directly to your customer. Our quality printing and embossing service will ensure your branding will remain visible and vibrant for the life of the notebook. If you are interested in branded folders you can send us over your logos and artwork and we’ll be able to send you visuals and ideas which is free of charge, so enquire with the team today!

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Our big 5 for promotional notebook ideas:


Notebooks used as a journal or bullet journal will encourage your customer to boost their mental focus, increase self-confidence and creativity. In a digital age when attention spans are so stretched, a branded notebook journal will signal to your audience that your brand represents clear and free-thinking.

Idea generator.

Whether you choose plain paper, dotty paper or lined, branded notebooks are fun, practical and offer a great way to increase deep creative thinking and success. Encourage your customers to put their greatest thoughts on paper and help them take their first steps to activate their creative dreams.


A notebook is ideal for goal setting and to-do lists. It will help your customer to get organised and accomplish their daily tasks with ease. A promotional notebook will get customers, students, and colleagues organised, determined, and ready to succeed in their work. Make it clear that your brand encourages its legendary success.

Goal setting.

Whether it’s planning healthy meals, a new exercise routine, or logging new habits, a notebook used for goal setting will keep your recipient focussed and feeling good as they move towards the best version of themselves. This branded notebook is the best productivity tool ever.

Gratitude book.

Used daily to enhance positive affirmations, be thankful, and live a more fulfilled life this promotional notebook will be a life-changing tool. You could call it a “book of daily miracles” Perfect for health and wellbeing campaigns.

Why are printed folders good for the office?

  • Boost the power of a presentation.
  • Markets your company.
  • Save promotional costs.
  • Boost sales.
  • Help organise your office.
  • Sharing additional information.
  • Stay efficient.


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