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Get creative with your pens! There are endless possibilities when it comes to branded pens so why not do something different with a pen that says something more about your brand. From executive brand name pens to funky 3D cut-to-shape pens there’s sure to be an answer to your promotional pen dilemma. Finding the right pen for your brand can be tricky since there are so many options to choose from. At Extravaganza, we love our personalised printed pens and we’re here to help find that perfect pen and bring it to life.

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What does your personalised printed pen say about your brand?

It might seem like a tough decision to pick the right printed pens for your brand but there is no need to worry. From biros to fountain pens we know everything there is to know when it comes to pens and we’re here to make sure your branded pen fits perfectly with your brand image. It’s not just about finding a pen that comes in your brand’s colour, A pen can say so much more about your brand. Is it a clean and simple design that goes with your minimal brand image? Or is it that satisfying mechanical click that oozes quality? Whatever your brand stands for – make sure your pen does it justice. It’s estimated that 1.6 billion pens are thrown away every year which is a consideration when you’re thinking about your promotional pens. With pens available in sustainable materials, like recycled paper, recycled plastic, and wheat straw, there are plenty of sustainable options for your pens. These are fantastic for brands that are looking to demonstrate some eco-responsibility with a pen that looks the part. Did you know you can put your logo onto designer pens like A.T. Cross, Parker, Inovo Design, and more? These are fantastic options for brands looking to show quality in their brand image. They’re also fantastic gifts for important clients as they come in beautifully presented boxes.


More than just a pen.

Since there are so many options to choose from, your pen can be so much more than just a pen.  For Instance; your pen might be a highlighter too! There’s a range of multifunctional pens including torch pens and even stylus pens that work with your touch screen tech. People love to receive a promotional product that tells a story. There’s a range of recycled pens made from funky materials like CD cases, bottles, and even cardboard so why not brand it up with a charming message that says something like “CDs are so old school so they made me into a pen”. Want to wow with your pen? You could have your logo lighting up with an LED or even on the clip cut to your unique shape in 2D or 3D. The possibilities are endless when it comes to branding your pen.


Interesting pen facts.

  • Ever wondered why some pens have lids and others don’t? Pens with lids tend to use water-based ink whereas retractable pens use oil-based ink which doesn’t dry out as easily.
  • On average pens can write 45,000 words during their lifetime. Bic the brand, claims that their pens can draw a single line of 2km!
  • Pens are the most commonly owned promotional product.
  • Pilots use ballpoint pens because they don’t leak at high altitudes. Ballpoint pens are also great for left-handed users as they dry quickly meaning they don’t smudge as easily.
  • According to studies, 97% of people will write their name to test out a new pen.
  • The word ‘pen’ actually comes from the Latin ‘pinna’ which translates to feather. This dates back to when feathers were used to make quill pens.
  • Have you ever wondered why we call them biros? The ballpoint pen was actually invented by a Hungarian journalist named Laszlo Jozsef Biro.


When are pens used for promotional merchandise?

Pens are a fantastic addition to any kit or giveaway because they are so handy. People love to receive a pen for this reason and it is a constant reminder of your brand as it sits on their desk.


When would you use a branded pen for your campaign?

  • A giveaway for an event. Whether this is in a goodie bag or just a giveaway on its own. Pens are ideal at events because someone will always be looking for one to note something down. If you get your pen printed with contact details they’re also a brilliant alternative to a business card.
  • As part of a kit. Pens can look fantastic when teamed with the right notebook in a branded kit – you can’t have one without the other! They are a great addition to any kit because they’re so handy and often they are a low-cost way to fill out your banded kit.


Branding ideas for pens.

  • If your pen is made from recycled material. Let the user know with a slogan like “I used to be a cardboard box”.
  • Brand your pen with your phone number and email and use it as a business card. A handy pen that people like to use will also be a great reminder of your brand.
  • With a 3D cut to shape clips, there are endless possibilities. You could brand your pen with a shape that means something to your brand. For example, if your company sells houses you could have a house shape on the clip of your pen.
  • You could have your logo lighting up on our Bowie Light Up.
  • Did you know you can mix and match your pen colours? If your brand uses red and blue for example you could have a mix of both which would look great at an event giveaway.


Contact us.

With so many options there’s certain to be a pen that looks amazing with your brand on it. Get in touch with us at or call us on 0116 285 2417 and we’ll assist with making your perfect branded pen a reality from visuals to print.