Branded custom shaped clip pens, bespoke clip promotional pens, 2D, 3D and 4D clip pens and more!

Branded bespoke 3D clip pens take your promotional pens to new heights. There are so many options available for bespoke pens, there is the option to colour match your brand colours onto your ballpen or there are various selected colours too in a range of different styles of pens for you to choose from. We can start getting creative with your branding too, by including your own logo custom shapes clips that are available in 2D, 3D and 4D with the option for full-colour printing options and also embossing and debossing options too. Pens are used every single day, so give your brand the opportunity to get seen every single day just like your pens! Everybody needs a pen to write down notes and ideas and it won’t go unnoticed if you were to create a fun promotional pen that definitely stands out from the crowd.

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How are the pens made?

Our bespoke 3d clip pens are manufactured using the most up-to-date injection moulding machines. Adopting rigid technological procedures and maintaining sterile manufacturing processes.


Different types of pens to add a bespoke clip:

  • Infinity pens
  • Gladiator pens
  • Galaxy pens
  • Lotus pens
  • Optimus pens
  • Lenox pens
  • Eris pens
  • Rea pens


Benefits of bespoke clip pens:


Nothing can beat a printed pen. They are cheap to start with, and if you buy and print in bulk, they will cost you next to nothing per pen. That means that you can get better branding and advertising on something that is going to last.


This is where it gets exciting. You have so many choices that you’ll be shocked at first. We have various colours, and Pantone matching available for most of our custom-shaped pens. The option for clip creating is out of this world, with so many design options available just for you.

Customer loyalty.

Thanks to printed pens, there is an opportunity to be able to build a base of loyal customers. They won’t simply remember your brand but will also go to you for all of their needs in your niche.

Everyday exposure.

A good pen will always last a long time, and a good-looking one is something people will want to use every day, and take to their place of work, where others will be able to see it so there is always time to get pens branded!

Versatility and practicality.

The golden rule of every good promotional product – give them something they need, and something that can be used frequently. Some businesses tend to give out things that end up in the garbage bin, or the back of a drawer. That’s a mistake, and that’s why promotional pens are so popular. We all write on a daily basis, which means that branded pens get a lot of use compared to other items.


Contact us.

The process of designing your custom-shaped bespoke clip pens is super fun and exciting and our team is happy to help you keep the whole process easy, fun, and creative. You can contact us via email at or you can call us on 0116 285 2417.