Care Plus® Pro Hygiene cleansing hand gel 100 ml

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    About this Product

    Cleaning hygiene hand gel from the Care Plus® brand in a handy PP container. Can be opened with one hand.
    The Care Plus® Pro Hygiene hand gel contains 71.8% alcohol and gives the hands a clean and fresh feeling without using soap and water. Does not dry out hands due to unique components such as Aloe Vera. Take the container with you in your bag or put it in the glove compartment of your car. This way you can clean your hands anytime, anywhere. Provided with the Care Plus® logo and mention of the ingredients on one side of the container. On the other side and / or on the top of the cap there is room for your print / logo. Content 100 ml. This product is fully compliant with laws and regulations and has been proven to work. With almost 30 years of experience, Care Plus® is the specialist in the field of healthy and safe travel and has been successfully supplying renowned companies in the retail trade for years.