Coffee Socks

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    About this Product

    WoW! Socks made from coffee grounds. Coffee grounds remain after brewing and are then used to create this product. This includes making yarn. These socks are knitted from these yarns. The composition of these socks is 59% coffee yarn, 35% recycled polyester and 6% recycled elastane. One-size (41-46). Durable and environmentally friendly.

    Worldwide, we produce around 50 billion kilograms of coffee grounds each year. What’s left over just gets thrown away… But not anymore! Coffee grounds are mixed with recycled PET to create coffee yarn. This yarn can then be used to be woven into products like these socks. These socks are not only beautiful because of the design that is based on the color of a freshly made cup of coffee. They also help to reuse our worldwide production of coffee waste. Each item is supplied in an individual brown cardboard box.