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Ocean Socks Recyled Cotton

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    About this Product

    These socks are made from 72% Recycled Cotton, 22% recycled Nylon and 6% recycled Spandex. By wearing these socks you are saying YES to a waste-free world, making you a big part of the social plastic revolution. This pair of Ocean Socks prevented 30 plastic bottles entering the ocean: You support Plastic Bank: A social Enterprise that is stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of those who help collect it. Plastic Bank offers residents of Haiti, the Phillippines, and Indonesia cash or vouchers in exhange for the waste they collect, which then goes on to be recycled into products. The brand is known as Social Plastic. The socks come in both a standard design and a full-colour design that can be personalised exactly how you want. The MOQ for the standard designs come at 150 but full-color designs for the socks start at 1000.

    Sizes: One size fits all for men. One size fits all for women.

    MOQ: 1000

    Lead Time: 2 to 4 weeks depending on the quantity and time of year.

    Materials: 72% Recycled Cotton, 22% recycled Nylon and 6% recycled Spandex.

    Packaging Possibilities: Standard Sock Box, Printed Sock Box (1 Colour), Full Colour Sticker, Standard Paper Tag, Printed Paper Tag (Full Colour)

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