PopSockets® PopWallet card holder

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    About this Product

    The PopWallet is a plastic card holder that is suitable for storing 3 payment cards or approx. 6 business cards. Includes all over print in any desired design in full colour. Attach this phone accessory with bank card to the back of your phone and you always have a payment method with you. Easy to mount and move. Sticks to most smooth, hard devices and cases. Not suitable for silicone, highly textured and soft cases. You can remove the card holder from your phone in one action, so that wireless charging of your phone is possible. For optimal use, read the supplied instructions.

    Extra info regarding delivery time: up to 500 pieces: 2 weeks | 500 – 2,500 pieces: 3 weeks. For larger numbers, price and delivery time on request. The PopWallet is only supplied with print.