Fulfillment and Delivery.

Find out how we can store, pick, pack and deliver your promotional merchandise. Offering worldwide delivery and cost-effective direct mail services that are just right for you.


Pick and pack delivery service.

Are you worried that you don’t have the space to store your promotional products? We can store your promotional products and deliver them directly to your recipients (anywhere in the world). It takes the hassle and frees up your time if we do it all for you. We can store your merchandise securely and deliver it exactly how you want it. It’s all very straightforward and more cost-effective than you might think. We’ll pick, pack and make sure the is deliver exactly how you want it, offering a fully tailored service. If you're looking to reduce costs, you can do this effectively by bulk buying items and storing them with us for call-off on-demand.


Storage solutions.

We offer an affordable storage and distribution service all under one roof in the Midlands. Our offices have the capacity for over 3000 pallet spaces, 24-hour security, manned entry points, a full CCTV system and locked gates. All the information is uploaded on a secure online stock management system so you can track and trace each delivery. We realise the biggest challenge for you is the time and speed to reach your clients effectively and efficiently. Our storage, fulfilment and delivery services could be the solution to get your promotional products to your customers quickly.


Get your branded merchandise delivered globally.

We like to take the hassle out of any international delivery, global delivery, customs clearance and tracked worldwide delivery. We can supply you with the EORI number, VAT number, senders name, costs of each item to be delivered and also the country of origin. If there are any products we think are difficult to export we will advise you before you place the order. There is the ability to send branded merchandise globally as a pallet or box or there is the option to get your items sent straight to your recipient's door with doorstep delivery. If you send us a list of all your recipient addresses we can organise this and get exact costs for delivery for you in the quoting stage so the team can advise you accordingly.


Data management and GDPR.

The key to getting the best results from your direct mail campaign is to make sure your data is as accurate. Direct Mail Merchandise or ‘Lumpy Mail’ is the most targeted form of marketing but the results are based on your customer actually receiving the goods. Our direct mail service providers  are accredited by the NHS to handle NHS data as well as the Ministry of Defence, many Government & Council offices and organisations,


The Bureau Department takes care of all aspects of data processing across the UK & overseas data sortation, data cleansing, validating and segmenting to ISO: 27001 standards and working to GDPR compliance. They hold the cyber essentials & NHS digital toolkit certifications. All direct advertising mail is is not covered by the privacy and electronic communications directive, known as PECR. This means you do not require consent to send marketing communications. We take general data protection legislation very seriously when it comes to direct mail and we encourage all of our customers to be GDPR compliant too. GDPR governs the way in which we can use, process, and store personal data about others and information about an identifiable and living person.


Print and personalisation for direct mail.

Personalisation is the heart of our business ethos. Phenomenal direct mail comes from a high level of personalisation along with high quality data, clear message and magnificent promotional products to convey your brand messaging and meaning. If you want to turn your generic direct mail into a fully personalised mailer; we can help you to produce variable image personalisation using PRES Connect software. PReS is a leading VDP (Variable Data Printing) software tool for designing and publishing personalised documents for direct mail campaigns and marketing.


Eco packaging delivery options.

We offer a range of biodegradable and fully compostable polythene options for packaging merchandise as well as wood wool and shredded paper. For our inbound freight we minimize the use of plastic packaging and use or reuse paper packaging instead. As an example we re-use in our sample warehouse shredded cardboard boxes. For outbound freight we also reuse existing packaging as much as possible, and towards year end 2025, 100% of our outbound packaging materials used will be sustainable or recycled. Overall it means our packaging used is more sustainable packaging, made from natural-, recycled material or bio plastics. When we use plastic packaging and we cannot reuse the plastic material ourselves, we ensure it will be recycled or we transfer it to a third party for further recycling. For paper promotion materials like catalogues and folders we use sustainable or certified recycled paper. By maximum utilization and consolidation of container loading (94%) we reduce the CO2 emissions of our inbound freight. By partnering with environmentally positive forwarders, we reduce the CO2 emissions of our outbound freight.


Hand fulfillment.

We are highly experience in hand fulfilment, hand packing and enclosing, there is nothing we have not fulfilled by hand! Having the latest technology is great but certain items/campaigns require hand collation/packing, we will never forget our roots & will always be at ‘hand’ to help! Packing your merchandise carefully and securely into boxes and envelopes is an art in itself.  We will always send you photos first of how we intend to pack each item, and will ensure you are happy with how it looks before sending it out to your recipeints. We have boxed, bagged, packaged and prepared a huge variety of campaigns including promotional items, direct mail gifts, seasonal mailings, rewards, prizes and more!



There is the ability to polywrap over 50,000 items per hour and the flexibility to run 24/7. We can polywrap a diverse variety of printed matter through automation.  We can also enclose inserts inside magazines / publications / catalogues, 4-way camera match (with reporting and a fully traceable audit trail) and inkjet address directly to polythene or a publication / catalogue using HP solvent based ink technology. Our team can work with you to achieve mailmark postage discounts even for polywrapped mailings as well as monitor pack weights to ensure the most cost effective format is achieved for both UK and Overseas postage.


Paper wrapping.

As an alternative to polywrapping we offer a unique paper wrapping service. Paper wrapping is relatively new technology and very much in demand. With a typical cost of £500,000 for a highly specified paper wrap mailing machine, we are one of the only promotional merchandise company to offer this in the UK. There are two main markets for paper wrapping, some clients prefer paper wrapping to envelopes as it is more cost efficient for high volume letter / large letter mailings versus full colour envelopes & the result is a very impressive looking mail pack. Its a great way to also add branding and colour to your items, and can make a direct mail campaign much more intresting and enticing.


Delivery costs.

We are able to provide discounted rates for all UK and International postage. The dispatch team uses a bespoke routing matrix which automatically selects the most competitive postal carriers. The result is often multiple carriers per mailing to determine the best overall price. Our mailing house sends huge volumes of mail on a daily basis, which  gives us excellent buying power and wholesale discounts on postage. We will advise on packaging amends to achieve packaging and delivery discounts. Our aim is to be as eco friendly and efficient as possible so we will always suggest eco options for packaging and delivery. If you'd like to dicuss the options with the team before hand thats possible too.


Returns management.

Returns management is the process of managing any returned mail and recording the data for use. We offer fast and accurate return’s management services to help maintain an accurate database. We can populate returns onto a spreadsheet and output this at a frequency to suit you or we can manage client databases by removing return mail records & securely destroy returned mail packs. By utilising our services we can track and manage any returns.


The benefits for you are:

    • Saving money on print, fulfillment, packaging & postage
    • Save your own time and resources
    • Improve the delivery of all your marketing campaigns
    • Reduce waste


Contact us.

If you need any more additional information or advice on delivery or fulfilment then you can contact us on sales@extravaganza.uk.com or give us a call on 0116 285 2417 and the team will be more than happy to help advise you on best practices.