Enhancing the student merchandise experience with student focus groups.

Delve into the concept of a student focus group and learn how we can collaborate with your university or college to gain essential insights into students' preferences and dislikes regarding promotional merchandise. We aim to use this information to improve the overall student experience and tailor our merchandise offerings to better suit their needs and preferences.

Introducing student focus groups.

We understand that creating a vibrant and engaging university experience for students is top of the priority list. That's why we're excited to introduce the powerful tool of student focus groups ā€“ a game-changer for enhancing student engagement and satisfaction on campus, at events and even on open days. Student focus groups are not just a buzzword; they are a dynamic approach that can transform the understanding of what promotional merchandise items truly resonate with students. These groups provide a unique opportunity for universities like yours to connect with students on a deeper level, tapping into their preferences and opinions about promotional merchandise (with help from us of course).

We will collaborate with you at the student focus groups to ensure we create an awesome experience for the students when they come to the focus groups, including free food (pizzas and doughnuts), fun surveys and a general relaxed chat about what their opinions are on merchandise. The student focus groups are such a valuable asset for your university (or college or even school) and even ourselves as we can gather insights and data together to help engage students, create a sense of belonging and ultimately enhance their overall university experience. If you want to see an example of a focus group which we have recently done you can click here.



The vision for meaningful engagement.

We created this collaborative partnership to deepen the understanding of student preferences, aspirations, and challenges. By creating a yearly focus group, we seek to establish an ongoing dialogue of what students love and hate about merchandise ensuring that our offerings resonate authentically with the dynamic nature of university life.


Student-centric approach.

By recognising the significance of student involvement in a university (or even college or school). We aim to place students at the centre of the decision-making processes. Through the focus group, we aspire to gain direct insights into the diverse perspectives, aspirations, and lifestyles of the student body, allowing us to tailor promotional merchandise that goes beyond branding to become an integral part of the student experience.


Driving sustainable initiatives.

We recognize the importance of sustainability commitments in educational institutions like universities, colleges, and schools. That's why our annual focus group initiative offers a special chance to dive into eco-friendly and zero-waste merchandise solutions. By teaming up with your university, we're on a mission to ensure that our products resonate with the environmentally-conscious values held dear by today's students.


Mutual growth and innovation.

The collaboration is not solely about us providing merchandise; it's about co-creating innovative solutions that benefit both you and ourselves. The focus group will serve as a platform for brainstorming, ideation, and the exploration of novel approaches to enhance the student journey, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes.


Enhancing your university experience.

More than just the physical perks, we envision this collaboration as a way to enrich the entire university experience for students. By actively engaging them in the process of crafting merchandise and other initiatives, our goal is to nurture a strong sense of belonging, pride, and ownership within the university community. This isn't just about products; it's about creating an environment where students feel valued, connected, and excited to be a part of something special. Together, we can make their university journey even more memorable and meaningful.




Benefits of university student focus group health and wellbeing.

Student engagement.

Encourages active participation and engagement among students in discussions related to health and wellbeing.

Tailored solutions.

Provides a platform for students to express their unique needs and concerns, leading to the development of tailored health and wellbeing solutions.

Community building.

Fosters a sense of community and support among students, promoting mental health and overall well-being.

Holistic approach.

Allows for a holistic approach to address physical, mental, and emotional health issues, taking into account the diverse needs of the student body.

Early intervention.

Identifies potential health challenges early on, enabling timely intervention and support for students facing difficulties.

Feedback loop.

Establishes a continuous feedback loop between students and university administrators, ensuring that health and wellbeing initiatives are responsive to evolving needs.

Resource optimisation.

Helps universities allocate resources effectively by understanding the most pressing health concerns among students.


Empower students to take an active role in shaping their own health and well-being experiences, fostering a sense of autonomy.

Research opportunities.

Provides valuable data for research on student health trends, contributing to academic understanding and the development of evidence-based interventions.

Skill development.

Enhances students' communication and interpersonal skills as they collaborate with peers and University staff.



Benefits of various merchandise for your student's journey.

Branding and identity.

Merchandise like branded water bottles, apparel, and accessories contribute to a sense of identity and pride within the student community.

Promotion of healthy habits.

Merchandise promoting physical activity, such as sports gear or fitness trackers, encourages a healthy lifestyle among students.

Stress relief.

Stress balls, fidget spinners toys, and relaxation-promoting items can serve as stress-relief tools, supporting mental health.


Inclusive merchandise design reflects the diversity of the student body, fostering a sense of belonging for all.

Promotion of mental wellness.

Items like mindfulness journals, meditation aids, or noise-cancelling headphones contribute to mental wellness.

Promotion of active learning.

Educational merchandise, such as notebooks and study aids, supports students in their academic journey.

Social connection.

Shared merchandise, like matching t-shirts or accessories, enhances social bonds among students, reducing feelings of isolation.

Event promotion.

Merchandise can be used to promote health and wellbeing events, increasing participation and awareness.

Financial support.

Revenue generated from merchandise sales can be reinvested into health and wellbeing programs, creating a self-sustaining support system.


Branded merchandise serves as memorabilia, creating lasting memories of the university experience and reinforcing positive associations.



Here are 10 benefits for a student to get involved with a focus group.

Free zero-waste goody bag.

Every participating student receives an exclusive goody bag filled with essential zero-waste merchandise, such as reusable water bottles, eco-friendly notebooks, and sustainable utensils.

Pizza party.

Students who get involved enjoy a pizza party, providing a casual and enjoyable environment to connect with peers and organizers while savouring delicious pizza.

Networking opportunities.

Involvement opens doors to networking opportunities with fellow students, faculty, and potential mentors, creating connections that can be valuable both academically and professionally.

Voice and influence.

By participating, students have the chance to voice their opinions and influence decisions that shape their university experience, ensuring that their perspectives are considered in the decision-making process.

Leadership training.

Active involvement offers access to leadership training and workshops, allowing students to develop valuable skills that extend beyond the university setting.

CV enhancement.

Engaged students can highlight their involvement on their resumes, showcasing their commitment to personal and community development, which can be appealing to future employers.

Community impact.

The opportunity to actively contribute to positive change within the university community by participating in initiatives that promote sustainability, inclusivity, and overall well-being.

Exclusive events.

Access to exclusive events, seminars, and workshops tailored for involved students, providing unique learning experiences and exposure to diverse perspectives.

Recognition and appreciation.

Recognition for their contributions through awards, certificates, or acknowledgements, reinforces the importance of their involvement and commitment.

Sense of belonging.

Actively participating in university life fosters a sense of belonging, creating a supportive and inclusive community where students feel valued and connected.

By combining tangible rewards like a zero-waste goody bag and pizza with intangible benefits such as networking, leadership development, and community impact, students are more likely to see the value in getting involved and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of university life.


Example of questions you can ask?

  • Why do you want to join this focus group, and what do you hope to bring to the discussions?
  • How do you think promotional merchandise can make a positive difference for students at our university?
  • What's your vision for eco-friendly promotional merchandise, and why does it matter to you?
  • Can you share an example of an event where promotional merchandise made a difference for students?
  • What challenges or opportunities do you see with current promotional merchandise on campus, and how would you address them?
  • How can collaboration between Extravaganza and our university contribute to a more inclusive campus?
  • In your opinion, how can promotional merchandise support the mental health and well-being of students?
  • Share your innovative ideas for promotional merchandise that represents our university and fosters pride among students.
  • How would you involve and communicate with your peers to make sure everyone's opinions are heard in the focus group?
  • Think about a past group project. What did you learn, and how would you use that experience in the Extravaganza focus group?


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