Unlock your sustainable marketing success: a fun and useful guide.

Are you ready to revolutionise your marketing and promotional strategies while making a positive impact on the planet? Look no further! Here is the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Marketing Goals. Let's delve into transforming your marketing game into a force for good!

Sustainability matters to your brand.

Sustainability isn't just a trend; it's a powerful movement that your consumers are rallying behind. The steps below will guide you to understand why integrating sustainability into your marketing goals is not only the right thing to do but also it's a strategic move to capture the hearts and loyalty of your audience. We have a variety of helpful guides and tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to setting your sustainable goals and ensuring you can create a brand which cares for the environment.


1. Set your sustainable goals.

Engage in 10 interactive exercises to define your sustainable goals that align with your brand identity. It's not just about numbers; it's about impact. Download the guide here.


Sustainable Goals Image 1     Sustainable Goals Image 1


2. Create eco-friendly campaigns.

Explore eco-conscious campaign concepts including eco-friendly merchandise and branded kits that captivate and inspire your target audience. Learn how to get yourself and others to be involved in sustainability with awesome activities and challenges for everyone to get involved in. Download the guide here.


Tips for Tree Planting Success - Sustainable Goals Guide (1)  Tips for Tree Planting Success - Sustainable Goals Guide (2)  Tips for Tree Planting Success - Sustainable Goals Guide (3)


3. Gamify your sustainable goals.

Turn your sustainability goals into game ideas for your target audience which everyone can participate in to become an eco-warrior winner. Gamification can boost morale and make sustainability fun! Promote the game with a winner who can be gifted an eco-friendly merchandise item which is unique and innovative such as an eco-friendly bamboo speaker gift set. You will want something which is memorable and stands out of the crowd to what other brands aren't doing, so your brand is easily remembered. 


4. Measure your success the green way.

Dive into data and metrics for tracking the success of your sustainable marketing campaigns. Data will drive your decision making and the more data you have the clearer your results will be. You can catch data by using QR codes and also surveys and market research to find out what your target audience wants.


5. Storytelling with your merchandise.

Use merchandise to help promote your sustainable values and stories for your brand. Utilise storytelling techniques that resonate with your audience emotionally. These could be ideas such as a meme challenge, sustainable scavenger hunts around your organisation, or social media challenges that everyone can get involved in. Download the guide here.


Sustainable Goals Image 1  Story Telling Techniques for Your Brand - Sustainable Goals Guide   Sustainable Goals Image 1   


Engaging and fun product ideas to promote sustainability 👇🏽


Sustainable Goals Image - Garden Tools
Plantable promotions.

Distribute promotional items that are plantable and embedded with seeds, encouraging your target audience to plant their gifts and watch them grow into flowers or herbs. These include our grow bookmark, sticky notes and notebooks. There is a variety of garden items to choose from which are unique and exciting, you can find more garden products by clicking here.



Sustainable Goals Image - Bamboo Notebook
Eco-friendly stationery.

Provide your target audience with sustainable stationery sets made from recycled or biodegradable materials, including RPET pens, recycled notebooks, and recycled rulers. These are items which everyone uses daily, making sure your brand gets seen every day whilst also focusing on sustainability.



Sustainable Goals Image - Drawstring BagReusable lunch bags.

Give out branded, reusable lunch bags to promote eco-friendly eating habits among your recipients. There are so many options including recycled stainless steel reusable lunch boxes, bamboo lunch boxes, glass lunch boxes and wheat straw lunch boxes. Reusable items are a great way to showcase your zero-waste strategies and reduce single-plastic waste.



Sustainable Goals Image - Art/Painting Tools
Recycled art competitions.

Organise art competitions using recycled materials, and giveaway eco-friendly promotional products as prizes for the most creative and sustainable artworks made by staff and recipients who you want to get involved. Even get your recipients to design a product and the winner can have the items printed, it's a great way to get others thinking about sustainability. 



Sustainable Goals Image - Recycling BinInteractive recycling bins.

Install recycling bins around your organisation. Use QR codes to track those who use the recycling bins the most. Offer fun promotional gifts to those who consistently recycle, to make them feel good and carry on recycling to help the environment. Gift the eco winners a medal or an award for being a green warrior.



Sustainable Goals Image - Cycling AccessoriesBike to work incentive programs.

Introduce a bike-to-work initiative to help reduce your carbon footprint. Your brand can create useful printed promotional cycling gifts and accessories such as helmets, bike seat covers, and bike LED lights which can be branded to encourage eco-friendly transportation with staff and recipients to get everyone to transport more sustainably.



Sustainable Goals Image - Eco Merchandise
Virtual sustainability challenges.

Create online challenges where your target audience can earn sustainable promotional products by completing eco-friendly tasks and activities. They could win an eco-friendly notebook or anything you fancy giving away. There is loads of eco merchandise to choose from.




Sustainable Goals Image - Eco Drinkware

Reusable coffee cups.

Provide your target audience with reusable coffee cups, reducing single-use cup waste. Reusable coffee cups can also be used in shops meaning everyone who receives a reusable cup can get discounted drinks at coffee shops and cafes around the UK and is a great way to showcase your smarter thinking about sustainability.



Sustainable Goals Image - Bamboo SpeakersSustainable tech accessories.

Offer eco-friendly recycled powerbanks, RPET laptop sleeves, and other tech accessories as promotional items. Everyone uses tech items throughout their daily lives as everyone practically lives on their mobile device or computer. You can have the confidence that your promotional items are being used and your brand is being seen every day.



Sustainable Goals Image - Bamboo Tennis Eco fitness gear.

Provide sustainable fitness gear like reusable water bottles and bamboo-based workout accessories as promotional items. These are a great way to get others feeling good about themselves, also showcasing your care for their mental health and well-being whilst also making a keen effort to care about the environment.



Sustainable Goals Image - Bamboo Chopping BoardSustainable cooking classes.

Offer cooking classes using locally sourced, organic ingredients, with branded kitchen utensils as promotional giveaways. Items such as bamboo chopping boards, aprons, measuring scales and other kitchen items are great for this and these items can all be sustainable too, they also look great at work or even at home.



Sustainable Goals Image - Bamboo CandleGreener home living.

Provide your target audience with sustainable promotional products like speakers, lamps, shower timers, and other eco-friendly home items to create a greener way of living for everyone. Ensure your recipients and target audience feel at home and in their comfort with home and kitchen ideas. If you are interested in seeing more ideas for home and kitchen you can click here.



How to kickstart your sustainability initiatives 👇🏽


Sustainable swag.

Equip your target audience and recipients with eco-friendly merchandise that not only showcases your core values but also instils a sense of environmental consciousness in your recipients. Let your swag mirror your brand or organisation's commitment to sustainability. Some perfect items to do this would be a customisable eco-friendly notebook which can be filled with information about your values, and sustainable goals. Even better you could customise a reusable bottle with a QR code which goes to a page on your website about sustainability and how the recipient who received the bottle can make a difference to sustainability by using their promotional reusable bottle.


Green giveaways.

Encourage and reward sustainable actions that your target audience gets involved in. Consider organising giveaways where your recipients can win exciting prizes for eco-friendly choices. It's a positive reinforcement that motivates them to actively contribute to a greener world. We have a variety of eco-friendly prize gift ideas that are suitable for everyone and all products can be customised to suit your branding.


Sustainability challenges.

Transform sustainability into an exciting adventure. Engage your target audience in finding new ways to create eco-missions and competitions, fostering collaboration and driving impactful positive change with everyone and making a huge sustainable change with your brand and organisation. You can give away special eco-friendly gifts for those who make a difference and care for an eco-friendly change.


Earth-centric events.

Host eco-friendly fairs and workshops at big special events, conferences and trade shows that your organisation can get involved in. These could be competitions or educational sessions that promote learning, connections, and growth, allowing your target audience to explore the wonders of sustainability in fun and interactive ways. Giveaway special eco-friendly merchandise too which they can do something with when they get home, such as a growable flower plant or an eco-friendly branded kit.


Rewards for sustainability.

Implement a rewards system to recognise and encourage green choices. Let your target audience earn points for sustainable actions, unlocking exclusive benefits. This simple yet effective strategy promotes a culture of environmental responsibility. Create a rewards card which can be made from our seed paper business cards, which can be stamped as a reward idea, or create something online which can be tracked by your organisation and get loads of people involved in making change.


Contact us.

These engaging ideas, paired with sustainable promotional products, can not only promote eco-conscious behaviour among your target audience but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment in and around your organisation. If you are struggling to find something suitable for your brand you can get in touch with the team at sales@extravaganza.uk.com or give the team a call on 0116 285 2417 and the team can offer ideas, quotes and visuals along with free samples.