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Create merchandise for technology and software companies with branded technology and software merchandise including awesome cloud-shape merchandise, gadgets, and hard drives.

Why choose tech and software merchandise?

Over the past year, tech marketers and tech software companies have discovered the power of promotional product marketing. They are now buying physical branded products that can be sent to their customers and employees. This has given tech marketers the ability to have their brand message delivered to the right people at the right time with a moderate investment. This has also opened the door for tech marketers to use quirky items such as cloud-shaped merchandise as a way to drive awareness, build brand loyalty, and generate sales. It is also super memorable when targeting IT Managers and Departments. Software companies need a range of promotional products to help them grow and brand themselves. We have a huge selection of cloud-shape merchandise products: cloud stress toys, cloud sticky notes, and cloud-shaped USBS which can help you to build a loyal audience. Cloud brand merchandise is designed to be eye-catching and versatile. We also have a range of alternative techy gadgets which can be branded as well to give away to create an amazing experience for the consumer. Software companies need technology and software merchandise promotional products that help get their name out. Our free artwork consultation service allows you to submit your design ideas and receive free, instant visual proof of what your design will look like on the product, so there’s no risk in trying us out, and our worldwide delivery means that you’ll get your products in no time.


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What types of companies can buy software merchandise?

Whether you’re a small software startup or a large organisation, Extravaganza has something for you. We specialize in providing high-quality branded merchandise for any type of software company and other tech firms, and we’re committed to providing only the best to our customers. Our extensive range of techy, eco-friendly promotional products includes everything from cloud-shaped merchandise such as stress toys to cloud-printed products and more. We can also help you design custom items that fit your brand perfectly with our free in-house visuals from our graphic design team. We love sharing ideas and concepts to get you feeling creative and excited about your brand, free samples are an option too, so you can see them before ordering.


How to maximize business growth with branded software merchandise?

To maximize your growth in your technology or software company, it's time to invest in promotional merchandise to use in your marketing initiatives to help engage decision-makers and use it in important meetings to show that you are the business and the brand. Promotional merchandise brings a huge return on investment so it's a great opportunity for your business to make. We have found that more and more technology and software marketers are flipping the marketing funnel by earning loyalty first and leads after. It is a unique but powerful strategy to get noticed by decision-makers and you will keep loyal customers for a very long time, with memorable and fun promotional merchandise ideas.



Is there an option to get eco-friendly technology and software merchandise?

There is a variety of eco-friendly products that can be used in the technology and software industry including eco-friendly speakers, wireless chargers, headphones, powerbanks, and lots of other techy ideas which are weird and wonderful. These products are made from different types of eco merchandise recycled materials, making them a great choice for green companies. These materials include bamboo, recycled plastics, wheat straw, and many more. If you are unsure of material options to use, you always talk to us and discuss your ideas with someone from the team. No matter what your niche is, we can help build your brand and increase awareness with our high-quality, affordable eco-friendly product options.


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