Branded face coverings and bandana snoods.

Stay protected and safe with printed face masks and personalised bandana snoods that can be worn in variety of ways, and branded with your logos and designs.

What is a bandana snood?

Personalised Bandana Snoods (also known as snoods or tubular neck scarves) are getting a revival, previously limited to cool sportswear they could now prove to be an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE). Especially as people start to move around a bit more freely, returning to work, going back to College and University, Sports and other Social engagements. This essential promotional item will be an important part of daily PPE!


Why choose bandana snoods?

These multifunctional personalised bandana snood balaclavas and fabric tube masks can help protect us from germs as they easily lift up over our nose and mouth to protect us when we are out and about. We can then pop them in the wash at a high temperature and iron them to keep them clean and germ-free. We all need to be mindful about social distancing and protecting ourselves from germs without looking too clinical or worrying about having to source disposable face masks which donā€™t look great and ultimately end up in the bin. Definitely not eco-friendly or a long-term solution to keeping viruses and germs at bay for us all as we try to go about our day to day business without paranoia or worry.

Personalised bandana snoods are a budget-friendly promotional item that can prevent germs from spreading. These multi-purpose snoods also look stylish and less restrictive than standard face masks. They can discourage the wearer from touching their faces and carry on with social distancing habits. They can be designed and custom printed so that they match the existing uniform and brand identity. They surprisingly can be worn in 10 different ways too so even the most fashion if not germ conscious person will value this cool bit of polyester fabric.

It seems wise that we are adapting our behaviour to new social norms post Covid19 pandemic. Ā Mask wearing wonā€™t be looked at as bizarre behaviour in the UK, we reckon it will be a ritual for most people to pop on a face mask when going to public areas, supermarkets, shopping or even a footy match. These tube snoods can be worn as a neck warmer or pulled up easily over the nose and mouth, pretty versatile they can be branded with mottos, brightly coloured patterns or repeat company logos just ask us to send you some concept ideas based on your brand identity.


Benefits to bandana snoods.

Personalised bandana protective snoods are an all essential budget-friendly promotional item that can be worn every day anytime anywhere, they are lightweight and donā€™t restrict movement. Perfect for keeping your face, ears and neck warm and can be used as a mask, scarf, bandana, headband and even a wrist band. These are lightweight and flat packed so ideal for a direct mail campaign and easy distribution which we can organise.

The novelty alternative to face masks.

Full colour branding!


Wear it in style!

promotional tube bandana

Awesome designs!

Bandana 1
Personalised tube bandana snoods. Personalised full colour with your logo
Personalised tube bandana snoods. Personalised full colour with your logo