Branded eco-friendly sustainable seeded paper products.

Seed in paper can be used for a range of promotions or advertising strategies to help grow your brand and plant new seeds for the future!

Seed paper products are taking off.

how seeded paper products are made

Branded seed paper products can now be embedded with seeds to create seeds in the paper! There is a wide range of seeds that we can use in the paper such as flowers, herbs, fruit, or veggies. Our current lead times for seed paper are around 3-4 weeks from artwork approval. The minimum order quantities start at 2000 for orders on seed paper.

The seed in the paper is made up of recycled plantable paper which is gathered from local businesses making it 100% biodegradable, leaving plants behind. Seed in the paper can be used for a range of promotions or advertising strategies to help grow your brand and plant new seeds for the future! Plantable business cards, event and festival seed wristbands, seed advertising leaflets, and seed brochures are much more eco-friendly and fun to dispose of than normal paper as it would just end up in the trash.

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re from as there are plantable paper products that can suit all types of brands. Each product allows for full-colour printing using eco-friendly inks only made from soy and vegetable oils. It can also be cut into almost anything if you have an idea which we haven’t offered don’t be afraid to ask the team.

Promotional seed paper can be used in any eco-friendly direct mail campaign - They also make ideal invitations to PR events or green gifts for gardening centres and gift shops. Plantable Seed Paper is 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and made from post-consumer waste collected from local businesses and schools. Ten tons of water paper is saved from the local landfill each year. Our eco-friendly seed in paper products is packaged in corn plastic that degrades when composted as well as making the whole item eco-friendly.

How is seeded paper made?

Branded seed paper products are made from recycled papers (including newspaper, scrap paper, tissue paper, cardboard, and most other types of paper) and it’s added to water and blended to create a pulp type mixture. This is then pressed and flattened into the shape desired by you. This can be anything from a circle, star, love heart, square or any shape you can think of! The seeds are then sprinkled onto the pressed paper to create the seed in the paper. The seeds can be any type of seed you prefer (including fruit, vegetable, wildflowers, and herb seeds). It is then left to go through a drying process. Your best bet would be to place the paper somewhere warm, maybe close to a radiator or somewhere that stays dry. Blowing the paper with a hairdryer can also help it dry out quicker too. Once it is dry, it will then go through a print process where eco-friendly inks are used to create your designs.

seeded paper product blended
how seeded paper products are made
seeded paper product being made

So, what can we brand?

Seeded paper business cards.

Promote your brand with eco-friendly branded seed paper products such as these seed paper business cards which are made from seed in the paper which is embedded with seeds so it can be planted after use! All you have to do is tear the card and add it to some soil or into the ground, wait a few weeks and your plants will begin to see really good results! They make a great alternative to promote your brand in a sustainable way. They are 100% biodegradable leaving only plants behind making it a great eco promotion. The dye used is made from eco-friendly soy and veg oil inks. These business cards could alternatively be used as loyalty cards or tickets for a special event.

Branded Seed Paper Products
Branded Seed Paper Products

Seeded paper bookmarks.

Plant your own seeded paper bookmarks after reading your favourite book! These can be printed with anything of your choice with our eco-friendly soy and veg oil inks. Made with recycled paper, these sustainable bookmarks are 100% biodegradable, containing seeds so you can grow your paper into a plant! These are great for children, students, bookshops, reading programmes, libraries, and much more. They’re handy when reading a book and they can be reused again and again until you decide to plant it. Paper waste is collected and recycled to manufacture it into our seed paper bookmarks making it the perfect eco promotion.

Seeded paper postcards.

Give promotional postcards to your recipients so that they can grow them. These biodegradable postcards are made from Seed in Paper, which when planted grows into a plant of your choice or wildflowers. Printed postcards can also be turned into an advertisement or leaflet or flyer of some type. Agency clients, distributors, and retail wholesalers love this sustainable approach and so will your recipients. 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper waste that’s collected from local businesses. Seed in Paper can be ripped into strips and planted in pots or directly into the soil. Create a blooming wildflower garden that will boost brand recall for your clients and customers, whilst creating a wonderful habitat for your wildlife.

post card
branded seeded paper coasters

Seeded paper coasters.

Go eco in your workplace with eco-friendly seed in paper coasters. They would also work well for PR events, festivals, beer tents, hotels, pop-up bars, and restaurants. It will also show recipients that you’re focusing carefully on your eco strategies. They are 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper. With its natural finish, it also created a seedy texture. They can be printed with any branding or design of your choice using our eco-friendly ink.

Seeded paper wristbands.

Our seed in paper wristbands are perfect for reducing your eco-footprint. They’re great for giving out at events, charities, or to help raise awareness. Wristbands would normally leave a lot of waste behind but these are eco-friendly, meaning they’ll biodegrade and can also be planted into the ground to turn into garden plants, herbs, or flowers. They’re also an affordable choice for budget-conscious brands and are very versatile. As well as events, they can be used as part of direct mail campaigns, inserted into a magazine or brochure to add to a promotional campaign too.

seeded paper wristbands
seeded shaped paper

Seeded shaped paper.

Cut to shape seeded paper is great for advertising your brand or promoting a campaign or product of yours. The great thing about this paper is that it can also be planted to be transformed into flowers, herbs, or fruit & vegetables. We have loads of pre-made shapes of seed paper, such as animals, flowers, leaves, clothing, food and lots more just contact the team and we can discuss options. It’s an affordable choice if your business is on a budget.

Seedpaper notepads.

Promotional eco-friendly seed paper notepads are the ultimate way to show recipients that you support eco all the way. It can be planted in the ground to transform into a plant of your choice. The plants include wildflowers, herbs, plants, and much more. It should take around 2 weeks before seeing any difference in growth. All notepads can be printed full colour with eco-friendly inks made from soy and vegetable oils. Perfect for spring promotions as emerging bees, butterflies and other insects will love buzzing around the beautiful wildflowers. And the recipient will remember your client’s brand every time they tend to their garden. We have a wide range of uses including eco-friendly corporate stationery, a branded notebook for events & seminars, a giveaway for school children, or a gift to send via direct mail.

seeded paper notepad
seeded paper envelopes

Seeded paper envelopes.

Seed paper envelopes are perfect for any direct mail campaign. After use they can be recycled by planting them into the ground or a pot, growing into herbs, flowers, or vegetables. The seed germinates, the paper composts away and plants grow! There is a wide choice of seeds to choose from to fit any marketing campaign or retail branding. Our Seed Paper Custom Envelopes are available in four standard sizes, talk to the team to discuss your sizes and options.

Seeded paper winebags.

Seed Paper Wine Bags can now be planted into our gardens! Just plant into a pot or the ground and the seeds will germinate, making this product 100% biodegradable and sustainable. These are a great alternative to single-use plastic and are ideal for any brand looking to reduce waste in an eco friendly way. These bags are very popular for PR events, hospitality & the wine & drinks industry. All seed paper wine bags are custom printed in one colour on one bag side with eco friendly inks made from soy and vegetable oil. MOQ of 100 units to suit all budgets and requirements.

seeded paper wine bags
seeded paper carrier bag

Seeded paper carrier bags.

Seed in Paper Carrier Bags are the NEW eco-friendly carrier bags that can be reused again and again and because they are embedded with seeds, they can be planted in the ground when finished too. A truly eco-friendly promotional product that your recipient will love! The bags can be printed up to 2 PMS colours and are available with a MOQ of 100 units. Available in small, medium, and large.

Seeded paper greeting cards.

Greet new clients in an eco way! Seed in paper Greeting Cards are easy to plant - just rip up the card, pop it in some soil and it will transform into a beautiful wildflower garden that provides pollen for bees and butterflies. The seed paper is made from recycled paper and is embedded with seeds. Making it 100% biodegradable leaving only flowers behind. Create a special offer for loyal customers or send them a greeting card on their birthday or at Christmas time. They can also be sent directly to your recipient's door to get more of a personal message across.

seeded paper greetings card
seeded paper pen holders

Seeded paper pen holders.

These pen holders are completely made out of recycled paper which is embedded with seeds to make the perfect seed paper pen holders. You could even feature an eco-friendly pen to make it into a set.  The custom branded sleeve on the pen holders provides more space for your client’s brand message/design or logo. Full-colour printing is available to add a website address and other campaign information.It’s the ideal eco promotion to giveaway at trade shows, at consumer events, or as an eco-friendly corporate gift. Easy to post, pens can also be used in direct mail campaigns.

Seeded paper wine bottle tags.

Gift your recipients a bottle of wine with a lovely eco-friendly seed in paper wine bottle tag. You could feature an offer, promotion or get a clear message across. Custom branded wine bottle tags are the perfect fit for wine brands, wholesalers/distributors and retailers. They can also be used as a general bottle tag for soft drinks, supermarket promotions and food products. Ideal for giving out at trade events or in the hospitality industry. When wanting to dispose of the wine tag, you just add it to your garden or put it into the ground and wait 1-2 weeks and flowers will start to grow! Low minimum order of 100 units to suit all budgets and campaign requirements but we can also supply large orders too.

seeded paper wine bottle tags
seeded paper button badges

Seeded paper button badges.

Seed paper button badges are an eco-friendly option to promote your brand's logo, message or to just advertise. Because they are embedded with seeds, they make the perfect eco promotion as they can be planted into the ground with a choice of seeds (wildflowers, vegetables, fruits and much more)

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