Health and wellbeing merchandise.

We are specialists in finding ideas for health merchandise, and we are experts in finding relaxing gifts and stress-free promotions to help your health and wellbeing campaign.

Choosing health and wellbeing merchandise.

At Extravaganza we have found that health and wellbeing promotional marketing campaigns are hugely important to get right. The product and message have to be sincere, helpful, and useful. Any marketing campaign that is focused on anti-anxiety, stress management, and well-being has to be sensitive but uplifting. There are lots of helpful promotional merchandise hacks we can help you with to make sure your campaign is meaningful and connects you to your audience. Humans are emotional creatures and as well as being physically healthy, free of disease and illness, we can only truly feel fulfilled and happy if we are mentally and emotionally happy. Mental health marketing campaigns are a BIG DEAL for any organization dealing with humans, feelings, and emotions. So if your job is to promote your health and wellness campaigns then it is worth considering branded and promotional merchandise as a powerful way to connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Promotional products to promote wellness can be low-cost but highly leveraged to reach your target audience in a sustained way. In plain English, this means a branded bullet journal will be a helpful tool for your customer’s mental health. We recommend useful products used on a daily basis to really stay connected to your audience. A gentle reminder that your organization is there to help along their mental health journey. Items such as notebook journals, stress balls, water bottles, and audio headsets.

We have some great creative ideas to get your campaign off the ground. All you need to do is let us know your budget, branding, campaign, and deployment and our team will be more than happy to help. You can contact us by e-mail at or you can give us a call on 0116 285 2417, we are here to help you every step of the way whatever your experience is with branding, print, or promo. our job is to help you through that process easier and leave you feeling stress-free.


Why mental health merchandise?

By printing merchandise for your wellbeing campaigns we know it will help with the mental health of others, generate interest, create brand visibility, and attract quality leads for mental healthcare service providers. Supporting your staff and clients shows that you care and you support the equality of all within your business.

Benefits of wellbeing promotions and gifts.

Health and wellbeing marketing campaigns are usually a strategic way to communicate with your audience through their wellness journey. There are smart ways to keep them engaged with your health and wellbeing services. We believe anti-stress promotional products are a great way to show thanks. We all know that gratitude is the secret ingredient to feeling good in the present moment. A key ingredient to mindfulness. So whether you are the giver or the recipient, the sentiment of a branded promotional gift is really simple: It says THANK YOU. Promotional gifts have the ability to trigger an emotional reaction, resulting in a smile and a ‘thank you' from the recipient and hopefully build trust for them to access your services.


  • Makes the recipient feel good
  • The recipient will always say ‘THANKS’ and associate the brand with added value
  • Triggers a feeling of belonging and feeling special
  • Generosity has a compounding effect and helps develop long term relationships with your audience
  • Helps balance out the relationship between the company and the customer
  • Brings about a feeling of connectedness
  • Allows your wellbeing message to be really heard via a physical gift
  • Encourages engagement and open communication
  • It produces a feeling of belonging ad trust

What the facts say about mental health.

Stress, mental health and anxiety is creating havoc worldwide whether it is at work, at school or at home. We are being asked more and more to work on stress management marketing campaigns, health and wellbeing merchandise ideas, mental health promotions. So we thought we would put together some kits and ideas which have worked well with our customers. From traditional items such as stress toys, stress balls, fidget spinners, pop it toys, adult colouring books to more new age wellbeing products such as bullet journals, copper tumblers, promotional plants, sleep balms and relaxation products. Here are some ideas for your campaign to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Recent world events have amplified pre-outbreak mental health concerns. People feel more isolated and stressed out than ever
  • Anxiety and stress are big issues for those suffering and they don’t want to turn to colleagues, friends or family with the fear of being judged.
  • The most popular coping method is talking and admitting there is a problem to a trusted impartial person
  • A lack of sleep or oversleeping is almost unanimous with declining mental health.
  • Supporting mental health is a prime concern for companies, organisations, Universities, Education Settings.
  • Health Providers are inundated with mental health referrals so any props or equipment can be helpful for mental health first aiders
  • Social media can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing, as well as negative.
  • Mental health awareness campaigns can help reduce stigma.

Feel good gifts.

We have loads of feel-good products to sit in silence, contemplate and be at one with the present moment. These include items such as a skipping rope for exercising and stretching those muscles when jumping up and down. Also, a magical mood light is a gift everyone will enjoy, as we all love to sleep and improving our mood. Another thing that will cut out the noise and help you relax and sleep is our promotional foam earplugs, they are made to keep your client relaxed and cut out the sounds that they don’t need to hear. We are also loving our luxury bath bombs, this is because they create an atmosphere of opulence and luxury. You are automatically delighted by wonderful scents that help you forget about the day’s worries.

Connect with nature.

It's important to stay grounded and appreciate daily progress. We have found that spending time in the garden, a meadow or park is a great way to bring peace into your day. If that’s not possible then bringing nature into your everyday life is a great way to start feeling calmer. For example, doing things like growing herbs or flowers, skipping outdoors, or taking your dog for a walk can have lots of positive effects. Taking lunch outside with friends and a good book are wonderful ways to mentally refresh and align. Nature has magical powers to make anyone feel connected again.


It's super important to stay fit and strong. Staying hydrated is an important part of mental health to keeping thinking clearly and helping your memory, energy, and concentration. But recent research shows that mental health relies on adequate hydration levels. Research shows that drinking enough water can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.


It can be really beneficial to write down thoughts, notes and journal your days as it can really help with brain dumping anxious thoughts and by getting your ideas onto paper is a top tip to feel calmer and positive. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a better way to understand your emotions clearly. And if you struggle with stress, depression, or anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can help you gain control of your emotions and improve your mental health.

Anti-stress products.

We have various de-stress promotions including stress balls, calming oils, aroma therapy soaps, and everything else to ensure you get a stress free day. Give your customers the chance to relieve some stress from time to time, and stress toys can also help with a lot of other things such as better concentration, reducing anxiety, and keeping their fingers on the move! Anti-stress promotions can also be used to help with meditation, making them ideal business gifts for marketing campaigns related to health, well-being, and relaxation such as spas, clinics, healthcare companies, and more. If you don’t see what you are looking,  remember you can always ask us, or someone from the team.  We love hearing about your smart ideas.

Feel the music.

Music is transformational and powerful for our moods. Change the vibration of your mood with audio merchandise ideas. It can comfort us, make us feel nostalgic, happy, uplifted, motivated, and even angry. Music can be used therapeutically to manage stress, raise a person’s vibration, and manifest a positive belief system. Music can be traditional, spiritual sounds, binaural beats or sounds of the ocean to feel calm and centered again. Maybe your wellbeing campaign is focused on music as therapy or chanting. In which case musical promotional products may be helpful to promote your message.

Fidget toys.

Fidget toys are a cool and innovative way to help stop fidgeting and to destress whilst also having lots of fun, our fidget poppers are a super addictive game and are the perfect gadget to play with. There are loads of options available including, push snappers, fidget spinners, and our most popular item the push popper fidget toys.

The power of words and images.

The psychology of words and images is a huge topic but when it comes to printed merchandise it is super powerful to communicate the message with emotion and power. As we all know positive mental health is dependent on uplifting, dynamic language. The mind is incredible and merchandise printed with powerful words will hugely affect your recipient to take action and access your services. Up to date, exciting, powerful, descriptive words in the present tense will help your customer feel lots better and get in touch with your department. The more vivid and clearer the images on health and wellbeing merchandise the better. It is better to use words in a positive way rather than  “do not”, “not”, “never”. So rather than saying “don’t suffer in silence”  you could say “speak confidentially to us today”. Your mind is a powerful tool too and once fed with uplifting words it engages the recipient in the right direction. The mind works to move you from pleasure to pain so language which is empowerful is far more effective. So on a printed pencil it’s probably wise not to say ‘Don’t Do Drugs’ as when the pencil is sharpened the message will read ‘Do Drugs’ the words printed on merchandise are super important.Words that create a picture in your customer’s mind like ‘chilled’, ‘ecstatic’, ‘blissed out’, ‘peaceful' are far better than words such as ‘getting by’, ‘ok’, ‘stressed out’, ‘limited’, ‘I’m Losing My Sh**’. So choose your words carefully and your merchandise can open up the imagination.

Branding gone wrong pencils

Feeling is far more powerful than logic.

The emotion of receiving a well chosen printed gift / product for a mental health campaign will create a feeling of importance and express your marketing campaign with success. So rather than a printed brochure with 3000 words a mental health kit might create a far more positive result as you as a marketer are creating a feeling and emotion.

Contact us.

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