Home office merchandise.

Making life as easy and as efficient as possible when working from home, with office ideas and office gifts to improve your work day.

Why choose home office merchandise?

We have seen a massive rise in home office merchandise, and the demand for tech privacy merchandise has increased with items such as webcam covers, mic blockers, and password USBS. These are even more important than ever before as we conduct our meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams. There have been more and more people working from home and companies have found that it can work just as well as being in the office. With this in mind, events have become hybrid meaning they are able to offer physical and virtual events at the same time, which has been very successful for many businesses.


Direct mail your merchandise.

We can create direct mail merchandise that can be sent to single addresses. so recipients can receive printed home office accessories. This can be done with direct mail merchandise and is the only way to guarantee a human person to person connection when events, trade shows and open days are not all happening. Direct mail merchandise can guarantee to get into the correct household and create an emotional connection with that customer or recipient. Take the opportunity to send a great direct mail piece to engage your 'stay at home' audience and get their attention with a tangible piece of physical merchandise. There are various products that can be sent for direct mail including branded mugs promotional notebooks and printed pens, we've got a huge range of items that can be custom printed with your logo and then delivered straight to your team members. All you need to do is provide us with a list of the names and addresses you'd like the items sent to - and we'll do the rest!


No matter the distance, engage with your clients.

Staying connected with your colleagues and clients is super important, and will help build relationships and connections with your recipients.Ā Here at Extravaganza, we have a wide range of promotional products and home office accessories that are perfect for ensuring you can stay connected at all times, whether via virtual meetings or team calls. We have a range of gadgets that are perfect for your home office including webcam covers, wireless chargers, charging cables and more. Even promotional items will make your at-home office more organised including calendars, notebooks, sticky notes and more. We have everything to ensure your at-home office can keep your recipients motivated and happy whilst at home.


Contact us.

Browse the full range of home office accessories for your next merchandise campaign and don't hesitate to contact the team on sales@extravaganza.uk.com or give the team a call on 01162852417 and they'll be more than happy to help.