Scented print promotions.

Scented print marketing and print fragrances trigger the brain to recreate vivid experiences from memory.

Why choose scented promotions?

Scented promotions and print fragrances trigger the brain to recreate vivid experiences from memory. Our minds and our emotions are easily influenced by different scents and smell as we are transported back to a memory of the past. This makes it a perfect tool for emotive marketing. Scented print marketing is inclusive and perfect for a diverse audience from the visually impaired, to children who find it a struggle concentrating on learning activities. Scented Promotions and print fragrances are fun, interactive and engaging. Most people usually associate a scent to a past experience, for example, the antiseptic smell of a dentistā€™s waiting room, the smell of freshly baked bread in the supermarket or the scent of the sea on a tropical get-away. The limbic system which is also called the ā€˜emotional brainā€™ houses the olfactory bulb. It directly connects with limbic structures that process emotion and associative learning which is called the hippocampus. This is a powerful sensory system as it links the neural areas of emotion with associative learning. Recognition of smell usually involves parts of the frontal lobe. So smelling a scent is a mix of the subconscious and conscious brain activity.


What type of fragrances are available?

There are trillions of types of smells. Much of the smell happens subconsciously. The subconscious mind is far more powerful than we know. Scented print can affect your customerā€™s mood, work performance and behaviour. By adding the right scents and smells to your printed products such as stickers, greeting cards, backing cards, brochures and postcards it can trigger pleasant feelings and memories in your audience. Scented print marketing has the power to affect moods, emotions and create a better brand experience.

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