Virtual event merchandise.

Many events have been disrupted by the pandemic this year. However, by utilising technology many virtual events and product launches have still taken place and have been increasing in demand.

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Why choose virtual event merchandise?

From the moment your attendees arrive to when they get home, you want them to feel excited and motivated about your brand and that means it’s all about thinking differently. There may be aspects of your exhibition that you can't re-create online, but there are lots of things that you can do to make your virtual event exciting and engaging with the use of exciting virtual event merchandise ideas.


When are virtual merchandise used?

Since most events are cancelled, we are taking on new opportunities to still make events happen! Although most of these are virtual events, there is so much we can do to bring events back to life again.


We can bring events back to life by utilising the merchandise for:

  • Virtual exhibitions
  • Virtual brand launch events
  • Virtual awards ceremonies
  • Celebration packs for home
  • Stay at home party kits
  • Christmas party kits for at home


Which products work for virtual events?

There are lots of promotional items available that can work amazingly well for a virtual event. It’s all about creating an experience for your customers and enabling them to interact with you. We are increasingly being asked for stay at home packs, christmas gifts and products that can be mailed directly to customers. It's a great way to show how important your customers are to you and will do wonders for your brand.


Here are a few direct mail ideas:

  • Drinkware - from water bottles to insulated branded cups.
  • Stationery - Branded stationery such as notebooks and pens.
  • Umbrellas - Branded umbrella's aregreat brand exposure. Think of Sky News, F1 Sports and other outdoor events where you spot branded umbrellas.
  • Gadgets - everyone loves gadgets such as branded USB's, multi chargers bass speakers and wireless chargers.


Personalised Mug


Working at home kits.

Our personalised kits or desk kits consist of items such as a branded folder, coffee mug, coaster, mouse mat and a USB to make the perfect kit for anyone working from home with everything they need to ensure they can do their job with ease and also make them feel like they’re in an office environment. It will make your recipients feel more like they’re ready for a day of work!

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branded t-shirts for amazing virtual campaigns


Custom printed t-shirts and hoodies.

Printed t-shirts and garments are perfect for attendees to wear during zoom meetings/online chats - send these directly to each individual recipient to make them feel united or part of a community or team.


QR codes.

These are great for getting people to visit certain online sites. QR codes are being placed onto promo products such as stickers and placed onto cafe/restaurant tables where you can retrieve the menu. It may even be good to print QR codes to other innovative products such as cutlery sets, glasses or cup to show you the menu or web site of your choice.

QR Code Cutlery Set
branded merchandise for virtual campaigns


Branded kits.

Are useful and very popular for any campaign. Recipients would normally fill it up with all sorts of promotional items from each event partner, or a collection of documents or gifts that they received at the event. But, instead, we can repurpose the goody bags and fill them up for the recipients instead and send the goody bags to their door.

The top five kit ideas for your next virtual event.

If your struggling to come up with your own goody bag or kit options for sending directly to your customers, we have listed some ideas below for you to get inspired from.


1. Protection kit.

This kit could contain promotional items such as gloves, face masks, a washable and reusable lanyard with an attachable hand sanitiser and a hand hygiene keyring. This type of kit would ensure your consumer stays clean and protected.

2. Party kit.

This kit idea could contain items to get the celebrations started, it could include printed items such as a mini prosecco bottle, popcorn, balloons, bunting, inflatables, party poppers and novelty items to ensure your consumer can have a fun time.

3. Eco-friendly kits.

This kit idea can share with others that you support the enviroment and care for the enviorment by offering eco-friendly promotions such as seed postcards, reusable bottles, eco cutlery sets, sprout pencils and an eco box of sweets.

4. Graduation kits.

Ensure students can celebrate graduation ceremonies with graduation kits, and goody bags. The products in the kits can all be branded and can feature items such as a cardboard graduation hat, bunting, certificate and balloons.

5. Christmas party packs.

Ensure staff and customers can celebrate christmas with christmas party packs, which are suitable for getting everybody in the festive spirit. These types of kits can contain promotional items such as printed chocolates, christmas socks or a christmas jumpers, advent calendars, and personalised full colour christmas cards.


Virtual is the new reality.

Virtually overnight, the events industry has had to go ‘virtual’. So with video conferencing now a feature of the ‘new’ life, everyone has had to adapt to this being their main or only form of interaction with others on a day to day basis. Especially to hold meetings, conferences and discussions.


An opportunity for inclusivity.

There are some positives in the move towards virtual life. Especially in events, and a big one is the opportunity to access new customers. The cost to attend many conferences and events can be prohibitive, as can the travel and time. A lower-cost event can now be accessible from a home computer and could open up possibilities to reach new clients, business partners and build up good strong relationships. Getting your brand message across could convert these audiences into customers, and possible delegates for future events, if they see the value on offer. By offering creative and unique gifts that can be sent directly to customers can help build these events stronger and offer more opportunities for your business/organisation.


Be socially distant but not psychologically distant.

Social distancing and not being able to see family, friends, colleagues and enjoy the social side of life, has made it quite distressing for many of us. But this is the perfect time to take this opportunity to show empathy, offer support and genuinely and consistently being at the front of mind of staff and customers. If they know you value and care for them, it will build a long-lasting relationship and their engagement is likely to last.


What does all this mean for promo?

Like fish and chips or beans and toast, two things which always went together were events and merchandise! We have seen a huge change in events, clients would normally go for the tote or canvas bag – branded of course, which throughout the day of the event would be filled with treats and gifts such as sweets, gadgets, bottles, brochures, information about events, business cards and much more! But now we are seeing a huge rise in direct mail kits and things which can be sent to the recipient's door such as postal packs, notebooks, jumpers, and party packs for those who are celebrating achievements from home instead. Businesses need to take on the new ‘normal’ to connect with their customers without the luxury of face to face meetings and events. They need to show care for their staff’s well-being and motivate them – without seeing them regularly. And they also must keep the visibility of the brands out there. In these uncertain, turbulent times a consumer is more likely to remember the brand when given a gift or promotional item. Direct mail promotions can really help achieve great outcomes for your business. Invest in higher quality products and prints to help compensate for the loss of direct contact with consumers, and ensure it’s something they will remember. If it’s done thoughtfully, creatively and innovatively, your promotional merchandise campaign will only get more powerful. The reason? In the tough times we are all facing, a carefully planned, relevant and appealingly designed branded gift will put a smile on any recipient's face. If all these things are taken into consideration your promotional products will make the receiver feel valued and cared for. They’ll also be able to have fun and enjoy their experience of using the merchandise.


How do I create a direct mail kit?

Step 1.

Pick your products (make sure they fit in the box).

Step 2.

Add a logo or design (promote your brand in the best way possible).

Step 3.

Personalise with names (optional).

Step 4.

Add a customised sleeve around the product box (optional).

Step 5.

Design your own gift box.

Step 6.

Personalise a note to add inside the box (A4, A5 or A6).

Step 7.

Ship to your recipients with individual home delivery.


Contact us.

We are here to offer tailored advice and make recommendations about which promotional products and branded merch items will best suit your event and audience. We can take the workload away from your team and handle the co-ordination of your printed items, the fulfilment of merchandise and printed materials all for you. Just get in touch with us at or give us a call on 0116 285 2417.